Stephen the Bolider and the Vega Missyl

Who is Stephen the Bolideur, and what does the famous Vega Missyl refer to? Étienne le Bolideur, by his real name Étienne Nelsom, is the creator of the Vega Missyl, a hyper powerful car, a bit mythical and enigmatic, just like the character. So, fake, legend, riddle, endless story? You are told everything about Stephen the Bolideur and his Vega Missyl.

Stephen the Bolideur: Étienne Nelsom, at the origin of the Vega Missyl

Étienne le Bolideur is actually called Étienne Nelsom. He was a commercial representative in the Yvelines (78) near Paris, and accumulated passions. Einstein, travels in Space… At the time he was a commercial representative, he had a grey Ford Sierra , which he said did not allow him to optimize commuting and working time. In short, an ordinary car, an ordinary character, an ordinary life… But it’s nothing besides the extraordinary character of what happened afterwards…

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A crazy passion then took over Étienne Nelsom: he began to disassemble, retype, tuner, optimize and make improvements of all kinds on his Ford Sierra, to the point of making it a real car legend . A car with a powerful machine, but whose performance is truly unverifiable.

Étienne le Bolideur is a very friendly character moreover, according to the video interviews he was the subject. Stephen the Bolideur quickly made him talk with the theory of satellization of the driver of the Vega Missyl. Passionate and convinced of the extraordinary character of his mechanical achievements on an old Ford Sierra without any particular appeal, Étienne le Bolideur was able to convince, however.

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La Vega Missyl: unmatched performance

Stephen the Bolideur became famous. On what basis? He simply modified and improved the mechanics of his Ford Sierra so much that he made it a formidable machine. So, whimsical challenge or true passion to sponsor as soon as possible?

The Vega Missyl was allegedly endowed with 930 horsepower, an exceptional performance. It could reach, according to its creator Étienne le Bolideur, the 385 km/h at mid-acceleration . Capable, in theory, of atomizing objects and everything she crosses in its path, the Vega Missyl has become a legend.

From Ford Sierra to Vega Missyl

A simple Ford Sierra, a grey past barely noticed. The Ford Sierra d’Étienne the Bolider state originally equipped with a petrol engine 1.8 liters, for 90 horsepower. Following the mechanical improvements made by Étienne the Bolideur, the Vega Missyl was born, with its 845 horses more — just that!

It took hours and hours of mechanics and repairs to come to present a unique model of Vega Missyl. The most famous part of the Vega Missyl is undoubtedly are roof, equipped with a spoiler comprising more than twenty ventilation holes. The Véga Missyl wanted to be fast, aerodynamic , with excellent air entry… and a consumption of 20 litres per 100 km.

Airflows have been boosted by the roof fin and the addition from a rear spoiler, the Vega Missyl was ready to go satellising its driver nearly 400 km per hour … But is it really and technically possible, starting from a basic model, a simple Ford Sierra?

Étienne Nelsom and his Vega Missyl

Étienne le Bolideur did exist, as well as his Vega Missyl. But, we’re sorry to tell you that Vega Missyl ended up with its unverifiable performances and myth. Scoop, buzz: yes! But Stephen the Bolideur remains in history. A fan of tuning and bolding , a sweet dreamer, maybe…