Stay in South Africa: monuments and sights not to be missed

South Africa is one of the most popular destinations on the African continent. The diversity of its culture and the uniqueness of its landscape make this country a must-see of world tourism. South Africa is also home to incomparable fauna and flora that represent a real asset of charm for its territory. The unmissable and unmistakable sites therefore do not dry up for the delight of travelers looking for spectacular discoveries. Among the exceptional places to visit, here are three, which are worth a visit.

The mountain of La Table

On a trip to South Africa, the climb of La Table Mountain is one of the key attractions not to be missed for nothing in the world. Overlooking the city of Cape Town, La Table Mountain represents the highest point of the Cape Peninsula. It has an altitude of not less than 1086 m and an area of 3 km at its top. Its shape resembles, seen from afar to a table, hence its appellation.

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On the other hand, reaching its top can be done in two different ways. The first is a hike that will introduce visitors to the fauna and flora on the side of the mountain. The second way to climb Mount de La Table can be done by using the cable car. This way certainly does not have an adventurous side, but it offers a breathtaking view of Cape Town and a chance to contemplate the top of the mountain, covered with clouds. If you are tempted by the experience, organize your tour with the help of a travel specialist in South Africa.

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Regions South African vineyards

South African vineyard products are international benchmarks for wine. Their reputation may not be a long time ago (less than 20 years), yet it is important to know that wineries are real institutions in South Africa. In particular, there are 4 famous wine regions whose visit is more than interesting during a trip to the African country:

— the vineyard “Constantia”: which is 20 minutes from the town of Cape Town

— the city of Stellenbosch

— the city of Franschhoek

— the city of Paarl

Cape of Good Hope Lighthouse

Built in 1857, the Cape of Good Hope Lighthouse offers tourists a breathtaking view of the Atlantic and Indian oceans. From the top of the 247 m of the building, we can see spectacular formations rocky ones that were once at the origin of many shipwrecks. And at night, a veil of mist that covers the surrounding area offers a unique stage.