Stay in Madagascar, why choose Nosy Be ?

Want a real change of scenery? Spend your holidays in Africa ! This beautiful continent is full of beautiful places to visit. Madagascar is one of the best destinations available. This vast Indian Ocean island has charmed more than one with its simplicity and natural richness. Of course, we have to start the visit to Nosy Be . You can even spend your whole stay in this beautiful city in the northwest of Madagascar. She can practically surprise and charm its visitors.

An island with priceless charm

Nosy Be attracts tourists so much, it is because the island has an incredible charm. First of all, it’s a resort seaside area that offers itself a beautiful beach. But it is also a very lively city. Walking around the market to discover local artisanal products and to meet the local population is a real source of happiness. Nosy Be also home to natural sites that are worth a detour. This is the case of Lokobe Park, a place decorated with unparalleled fauna and flora. During a stay in this city of Madagascar, you can also visit the fields of vanilla and ylang-ylang ylang, the village of sorcerers in Marodoko and the sacred tree. Finally, do not forget to discover the history of the region and the culinary specialties that make the region’s reputation.

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Many relaxing activities to enjoy

Spending your holidays in Nosy Be is also to live a beautiful adventure. Underwater dives are among the activities not to do miss. The seabed of this coastal city of Madagascar is of rare beauty. It is home to a unique fauna and flora. Sportsmen are also spoiled. Be aware that big fat fishing is one of the region’s flagship activities. Practitioners benefit from an expert guide. Trekking in Nosy Komba can also be included in the program. Holidaymakers can also go swimming, sunbathing, jet sky and water skiing. At the end of the day you can witness a magnificent sunset. Finally, don’t forget to explore the nearby islands, including Nosy Iranja and Nosy Faly.

Accommodation in a beautiful villa

Guests staying in Nosy Beare not obligatory to stay at the hotel. A good alternative exists. It consists of renting a detached house , an apartment or a villa. For a completely priced reasonable, it is possible to enjoy a luxury home with comfortable bedrooms, a living room, a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea or the hill of Ambatoloaka, a large swimming pool, a beautiful garden and a well-equipped kitchen. Moreover, entering a rental offer between individuals is often advantageous. First of all, you have a home of yours, which will optimize your comfort. But as a bonus, you have access to a whole bunch of service. Indeed, the owners are able to offer you the service of a good gardener, a housekeeper and a cooker at good prices.

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