Retirement lawyer: functioning after reform

Lawyers have a legal profession that is subject to a pension plan. But with the current pension reform, the legal pension plan is also bound to change. A review of this operation as well as the changes to be foreseen with the pension reform.

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  • Lawyers Pension Plan: Status
  • What retirement will lawyers be entitled?
  • Lawyers: what right to retire after the implementation of the reform in 2025?
  • Changes to be expected in 2025

Attorneys’ pension plan: state of play

In France, yes, all work deserves wages… and the right to retire! The pension reform initiated by the government would undergo the profession. Because the class of lawyers represented by lawyers is not exempt from pension plans.

The diet of Basic retirement of lawyers is currently as follows: contributions from today’s assets finance the pension of lawyers already retired, like mandatory pension schemes.

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  • Lawyers have a system of contributions throughout their careers, with the CNBF (Caisse nationale des barreaux français)
  • The legal retirement age is between 60 and 62 years, depending on the year of birth
  • Duration: a number of quarters is required, between 160 and 172 quarters

Conditions are therefore required by lawyers in order to qualify for a basic retirement right.

Contributions to the CNBF are made in 3 forms:

  • Contributions in pleadings or equivalent contributions;
  • Lump sum contributions;
  • Contributions on income professional.

The profession of lawyer as a liberal profession does not allow early retirement . Early retirement is reserved for employees, executives, craftsmen, traders and industrialists. Staff members are excluded from the pre-retirement scheme.

What retirement will lawyers be entitled to?

It seems that pension reform makes the profession of lawyer the great loser of the moment . Why? Because the establishment of a single and common pension system would mean the end of the lawyer’s own pension system.

Until now, this fully autonomous pension system has been largely beneficiary, holding more than €2 billion in reserves. Avocados raise the tone, and for good reason. An average retirement for a lawyer currently amounts to an average of 2,130 euros in net per month.

Example : a lawyer who receives 3,700 euros in gross per month will contribute14% for his retirement. This is equivalent to 518 euros per month.

The future universal pension scheme could provide for lawyers a contribution rate identical to that of any employee , which would be highly penalising for the profession as a whole.

Lawyers: what right to retire after the implementation of the reform in 2025?

Lawyers now form a sling face to the pension reform planned for 2025. The universality of pensions in France is not everyone’s liking, although the intentions to move from a breakdown to a point scheme are in theory the best, from the point of view of the government.

It is to say that the CNBF is a totally autonomous system. The CNB does not receive any financial compensation by the State. It is to ask whether this new pension system would indeed reflect a justice that lawyers themselves defend. Will lawyers be assured that they can benefit from the right to a comfortable retirement?

With pension reform, the contribution rate may well rise to 28.12%, or double. This would amount to 1,036 euros per month , a loss that angry the profession of lawyers and motivates the strike in Paris.

Changes to be expected in 2025

A real demographic challenge is at stake and the financial balance of the system must be viable. Since the ratio of assets and retirees is low, the financing effort will weigh on assets. Lawyers fear that the €2 billion reserve will simply be absorbed into the universal and unified pension scheme. You’re a lawyer? Case to follow…