Prepacode or how to pass the road code online

Thanks to the Prepacode website published by the ENPC or the National Edition of Driver’s Permit, you can easily view your Code online . Prepacode is the most comprehensive online test with thematic series, white exams and simple training series that are constantly updated. It allows you to optimize the preparation for the road code test.

Who is the NPC?

For more than 18 years, the ENPC has been a training service for professionals and driving teachers in the field of road safety (driving schools, training centres and road safety institutions). The ENPC is one of three official suppliers of the National Road Traffic Review and participates in the development of photos and questions for the national concept review. With his success and acquired over the years, he creates and designs clear and illustrated books and teaching materials to facilitate learning. They are dedicated to the prevention of accident risks in general, and concern all types of training: car licenses, motorcycles, trucks, BSR, continuing training of drivers and coaches… To help applicants for driver’s licenses, he created the online site Prépacode, a real innovation in the industry, which gives to driving schools the opportunity to register for an e-learning service for their own students. Several driving schools use ENPC Highway Code tests for classroom training. However, not all driving schools offer Prepacode tests. But ENPC also publishes, in addition to the set of questions for students such as the Prepacode, code tests for driving schools that serve as training for students come to train in driving the school hall.

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Prepacode, the professional website of the ENPC

true training tool, Prépacode is a site designed by the ENPC and school professionals to allow you to progress at your own pace wherever you want and whenever you want by contacting your coach. This training platform is a professional site for the preparation of the road traffic exam. You will have 6 months to take advantage of the tests in parallel with the Code courses given by your driving school to prepare for the road traffic test and increase your chances of success. With this site you will be able to work on the Internet thanks to the series of questions that will be proposed to you, they are constantly updated. However, you will be able to accelerate your theoretical training and validate your results with tests in accordance with the exam. Prepacode, it is very convenient to train on the traffic code at home A . It is available 24 hours a day to contribute to your success. This is the best complement to driving license training. With Prépacode you can benefit from the revisions a safe and compliant road code and reliable preparation for the theoretical exam.

Prepare your code with ENPC

Online code tests on Prepacode are effective and prepare you strictly for the national theoretical test. But it is only by registering on the site that you can easily consult and start working on your road code with a set of 40 or 20 questions and online code courses. To take advantage of the Prépacode site, you must register online by filling out the form before adding the product to your cart. Prepacode is a one-time payment on purchase and there is no monthly fee. Accepted payment is CB, payments are guaranteed by paypal. You will have your username and password by email after your registration on the platform, they will be sent by the driving school after payment to the office or directly on the site. The access code is sent within a maximum of 12 hours by e-mail. If you did not receive the email, check the spam folder. You will also have access to Prepacode in the Highway Code online store . The latter was put online in 2011 and offers supplies for driving school in France and DOM-TOM. Please note that you will not find access codes to Prepacode in general trade. Like other official publishers of the Highway Traffic Act and driver’s licenses, ENPC does not sell to individuals. This is also the case for official supplies for road traffic and driver’s licence examinations. Only driving schools or accredited training centres redistribute code tests and coding courses.

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Advantages with Prepacode

With Prépacode, you will work online your code to pass the theoretical exam. You can train and review from your computer (PC or MAC), tablet or smartphone. There are thousands of questions, a rich educational path personalized and clear and relevant indicators of progress. This 6-month access will allow you to examine and train with more than 61 series, 2,440 questions of different levels. With this online formula, questions about the Code are exam or thematic questions, and a series of questions can be timed as in the exam. On the site, questions include photos and videos, there are detailed corrections of each question. At the end of a series of exams, you will be able to see the dashboard of your results and understand your mistakes thanks to corrections and educational explanations. With the dashboard, you can easily track your progress. For better assimilation, the site also contains several pedagogical comments. The main advantage with Prepacode is to monitor each student with statistics and check the results. Thus, you will have a very effective follow-up, too, your driving instructor can see your results as you go. The statistics come delivered to the monitor for custom monitoring, and this is what will ensure success. You can also ask your monitor questions via email. Although the Prepacode site is a professional training site for the examination of the Traffic Code, the tests of other exam editors should always be used to increase the chances of passing the theoretical test. Then you can combine these tests with Ediser tests, Rousseau codes and AEADC tests to see the complete set of questions you may have about the exam. Take advantage of the PEdagogy of the ENPC to ensure your test of the Traffic Code.

The different formulas for accessing courses and tests on the site of Prépacode

Whatever your original driving school, Code de la route online offers you different formulas to access courses and tests on the Prépacode website. There is “The complete (test code of the course) Prépacode Pass Rousseau” valid for 6 months. With this offer, 6 months of access to all online tests ENPC and code Rousseau. This is very convenient if you stopped your training for a few months, as you will be able to resume at no additional cost. This formula is perfect even if you start training or if the results are insufficient. In order to promote revisions in order to pass the traffic code test, you also have the option to choose the formula “ Prepacode ” to check anywhere, at any time on your Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet, valid for 6 months. In total, this official application offers 1,600 questions and covers all the topics you may encounter on the day of the event. This is the ideal formula for apprentices at the end of their training, as it allows them to examine before taking the national road traffic exam. Training code on the Internet is an effective and convenient solution to prepare your code review.

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