Precautions to take when traveling with a back pain

Summer is coming fast. But rest assured, it’s not a simple back pain that will prevent you from enjoying wisely your family vacation. It is enough to take some precautions to ensure that everything goes well. And here is a guide who will deliver you all the secrets of a successful trip with a back pain.

Travelling by plane: tips

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Depending on the destination you are about to visit, you may have to spend several hours in the cabin of the aircraft. So it’s not worth hurry to there climb, especially with your back pain. The best thing is to wait for the last moment. It will not be a problem if you have sleepy and already book your seat.

During the whole trip, be sure to keep your back flat. Curving yourself could once again move your muscles and cause another blockage.

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By the way, staying in a sitting position for several hours in a row is not advisable. Once the lights are off, remember to stretch your legs . A few round-trips in the cabin will be ample enough.

Physically sparing

Of course, with a back pain, you will not be at the best of your shape. Best more on relaxation than thrill adventures during your stay. Physically save yourself in every sense of the word. For example, give young people the chance to carry luggage and heavy things.

Avoid stairs and take elevators and/or escalators. Avoid a little too hectic walks and too demanding sports. Activities should be chosen carefully: sunbathing session, relaxation in the wellness centres , but also a few visits to the many sights available on site. It’s not because you have a back pain that you only have to settle for fishing.

The choice of room will also have to include an additional requirement. You need to have a good mattress, namely: neither too fluffy nor too firm, able to support your back overnight and allow you to quickly find sleep.

Some accessories to take in your luggage

For added security, you are also advised to bring some accessories in your luggage with you. Indeed, you are surely unaware that back pain has not yet found a miracle cure. The only solution to not be blocked again is to take good care of your muscles.

But be careful, it is not mandatory to have painkillers all the time on yourself. And for good reason, not only do these pills usually cause addiction, but they can also affect your organs and at the same time lead to other diseases. Quid to take medications, as much today rely on the effectiveness of medicinal plants. If necessary, a simple lumbar belt will the case.

You can choose between heating and vibrating accessories, or simple supports. In any case, this kind of item will easily break into your suitcases or even under your clothes. They do not take up too much space in one and are very discreet in the other case.

Be aware that the trend is currently in warming belts. And for good reason, they perfectly target the area to be treated and emit vibrations that quickly relieve pain. An undoubted ally during travels. But be careful! There are limits to respect in their use. Read the leaflets carefully.

Good to know:

If you have back pain, do not hesitate to consult a healthcare professional such as an osteopath. The matching platform may be a good alternative if you are looking for a good osteopath near chezyou.