Organic cosmetics made in France with zero waste

You can now buy organic cosmetics that are produced in France. Body and face treatments, toothpaste tubes, shower gel bottles and shampoo bottles can now be displayed on the shelves of your bathrooms. These are products that are offered by the brand CoZie (Cosmetics Objective Zero Environmental Impact).

Products that think about environmental protection

For better protection of the environment, products purchased from CoZie must be returned to store once finished. The Buyers who have purchased the product through the Internet can send it by mail. These customers may have an advantage, as they may have a discount of 1.50 euro on their next purchase.

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An establishment that is a partner of CoZie, will then take care of the recovery of empty bottles and caps. These will be cleaned before being filled again and placed on the market. It is an effective means that contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Other means have been implemented by the brand to participate in the preservation of the environment.

Ingredients from organic farming

All the types of cosmetics you need for your skin come from organic farming. This is the case with the product range

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Despras, who is active in preservation of the environment. None of these ingredients are imported, as Louise Salvati, the co-founder of the brand recalls.

For example, for nourishing face cream and hand cream, it is not Soy wax from China that is used, but beeswax from France. It is in the southwest of France, near Toulouse that cosmetics were designed. However, the caps are made of silicone and are produced in China.

Products suitable for women and men

Products manufactured and placed on the market by CoZie do not discriminate on the basis of sex. They can be used by both ladies and gentlemen. Louise says that the idea came to them because they had a bathroom as minimalist as possible. These are products Cosmetics that can take care of all types of skin.

Pregnant or lactating women should, however, avoid using the deodorant, which is composed of essential oils of mint, sage and peppermint.