OpenOffice or Excel: is there a real difference?

When two computer tools have more or less the same basis, one tends to believe that they are the same. This is precisely what happened with Open Office Calc and Microsoft Excel, we get to wonder what is the difference between the two tools. Nevertheless, we can already say that there are differences between the two tools and we will talk about them here.

Differences between Calc and Excel

From the outset, let’s note that Open Office is a set that contains several tools just like Microsoft Office that encompasses Excel, and many others. To this end, we will establish the differences between Calc (Open Office) and Excel (Microsoft Office). To do this, we will proceed in points considered decisive.

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    • the user interface : with Calc, we have to do with a single document interface (SDI). Using Calc, one notices ease of access to information related to the active document as well as the ease of navigation in an SDI. The fact is that each Calc window displays menus, toolbars and other items directly related to the open document. Instead, Excel uses a multi-document interface (MDI), which allows multiple documents to be opened in a single window.
    • Drag Drop : This option works differently in both tools.

> In Excel> In Calc, once you have selected a cell or group of cells that you want to move, you must necessarily place the mouse pointer accurately over its outline so that the drag and drop walks. In Calc, the mouse pointer can be positioned anywhere after the cell or group of cells has been selected. , when you want to drag and drop a single cell, you need to select the cell, click and move the mouse to reach an adjacent cell, and then go back so that the cell you want to move is actually selected, you can then drag and drop.

  • limitations : in Calc, the maximum number of sheets is 256, while this is limited by memory available in Excel. These are usually 3 sheets by default, to change depending on the circumstances.
  • form fields : In Calc, the management of drop-down lists is special. Indeed, it may happen that you don’t can not make multiple selection, while in Excel there are two modes of multiple selections (multi and extended).

Do you need to train in Excel or OpenOffice?

Spreadsheet software such as Excel, OpenOffice, or in their online version with Google Sheets are increasingly used by professionals. Indeed, they save quite a significant amount of time in daily information management. But unfortunately, even in some companies, some employees are lacking and do not know how to properly use these software that makes them handicapped on a daily basis. It is exactly for this reason that some of them decided to choose an online training so that they can learn everything about the subject.

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Indeed, there are more and more professionals in the field who offer their services, and it is a considerable time saving for them after having been formed. Thus, they can offer more efficient dashboards after being trained by the best experts in the subject matter, all with courses adapted to their levels and which are eligible for the CPF! It was especially during the coronavirus health crisis that online training exploded and more and more companies decided to use it: a unique opportunity to train without having to move!