Mini Cooper S R53 : full review

The Mini Cooper is a myth that doesn’t flank. This dynamic and elegant model at the same time comes straight to us from BMW. With a refurbishment of the Mini from the very first model, today, the Mini Cooper S R53 is a sporty and still affordable model, which fits well in the dynamics of Mini Cooper. Find here our review on the Mini Cooper S R53.

Mini Cooper S R53:2002-2006, the beautiful years

This Mini Cooper is resolutely modern. With its funny, warm and contemporary look, she has been able to make her place with buyers, women and men. The Mini Cooper S R53 model has evolved well since First Mini Cooper by BMW.

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Still as British, but more sporty, more square, heavier e too. BMW has the Mini Cooper a more imposing sports city car, with a cockpit perfect for a slightly more sporty ride…

The Mini Cooper S R53 has a straight steering wheel, better spaces for elbows, more ergonomic seats… However, it retains this “ras-of-the-ground” side so special. Yes, this has always been the hallmark of the Mini, and it does not get away so simply with the design and improvements made by BMW. In short, a low and appreciable center of gravity , which athletes will appreciate.

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Why go back to the Mini Cooper S R53?

Some drivers did not appreciate the arrival of the Mini Cooper S R56. And for good reason: the 1.6 turbo experienced big problems of engine breakage. With the famous THP engine and big problems on the timing chain tensioner, the Mini Cooper S R56 generation is to be banished … Under the guise of improvements, sometimes it’s better to stick to a model that works well.

If you are looking for a Cooper S at all costs, the Mini Cooper S R53 will not disappoint you. It remains a reliable car, with its small character, and is at more affordable prices by used car. Despite the mileage, you will not regret returning to a proven Mini Cooper model.

Mini Cooper: 4 cylinders, character under the hood

we know, the Mini Coopers (and even before they, the Mini Austin) have character. And that’s also what we like about these cute but powerful cars. With its 4 cylinders and its 1.6 with Eaton compressor As , the block of the Mini Cooper S R53 does not disappoint. Marketed between 2002 and 2006, the Mini Cooper S R53 comes in two versions of this appreciable engine.

From 2002 to 2004, the first phase of the Mini Cooper S, the engine was 163 hp for 214 Nm. Subsequently, in 2004 and until 2006, the engine was revised and upgraded to 170 hp and 220 Nm . What bonus, for fans of Mini Cooper S.

For your used Mini Cooper, it’s nice to know which engine version you are dealing with: the grey card will inform you. 10 tax CVs equivalent to Phase 1, while the 11 tax CVs correspond to Phase 2 of this Mini Cooper S.

Mini Cooper S R53: the angle of reliability

If the Mini Cooper S R53 has proven itself well, it is important to carefully gauge the car you are going to buy used. Good maintenance makes the Mini Cooper S R53 a companion on the road reliable.

A few small checkpoints are to be taken into account, as with any used car cat. The Mini Cooper S R53 will accompany you everywhere for beautiful bucolic spinies.