Maternal assistant: the importance of transmissions

When you are a maternal assistant, communication with parents about the child or children in custody is paramount. However, the transmissions are made according to what is suitable for the nursery assistant and the parents. We explain everything about parent/nanny transmissions.

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  • Parent and nanny transmissions: what is it?
    • In nursery and in the home of the nursery assistant
  • Ideal operation for parents and nanny
  • Your transmissions or liaison book
    • Foster the connection and the good evolution of the child
    • Receptive parents and good memories

Parent and nanny transmissions: what is it?

For a maternal assistant or a nanny, as for parents, written transmissions are paramount . These are not oral, for the good reason that it is good to keep track of how the day went.

The nanny or kindergarten assistant shall record in a notebook or on a sheet all the information she considers important concerning the child. His behavior, his meals, his well-being, his reactions, the little bobos, etc.

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In nursery as in the home of the nursery assistant

The transmissions are made in the nursery, the home of the nursery assistant, at the parents’ home or in the Nursery Assistants’ House. The nanny who takes care of your child keeps her file up to date and is able to give you a report of the day .

Activities, nap, saddle… All information regarding the rhythm of life andevolution of the baby , young child or Guarded children are mentioned with more or less detail.

In nursery, a kindergarten assistant often has less time than a nanny who cares exclusively for your child or two children, for example. Transmissions may then differ. These transmissions are usually recorded in a notebook, workbook or folder.

Ideal operation for parents and nanny

Children guarded by a kindergarten assistant evolve quickly. For a first child, often parents are in demand for this kind of transmissions. The information that is recorded allows the nanny to forget nothing at the time of the child’s departure.

Parents are reassured: they have no major surprises. They discover the play times of their child, his activities, his progress or the duration of the nap and the amount of milk or food taken.

The operation of transmissions is suitable for many parents and their children’s kindergarten assistant. Indeed, a lot happens in a child’s life in one day. The child can experience sensations, tastes, smells, or experience new emotions . Transmissions are also called “liaison” parents /nanny, hence the term “liaison book”.

Your transmissions or linking book

Your child’s transmissions or binding notebook is usually stored with his or her belongings, exchange, shoes, care products, etc.

It is up to the nanny to choose whether she provides the notebook to the parents or whether parents buy one at the beginning of the year to follow their child’s daily lives in a simple and clear way.

Promote the bond and the good evolution of the child

By holding a binding book, the maternal assistant or nanny ensures that she keeps track of the child’s follow-up, other than what is recorded in the health record.

The transmission book reassures parents and allows the nanny to relive herself of a certain mental load as the day unfolds. The kindergarten assistant notes what she considers useful on her transmissions card and only has to give it to the parents at the end of the childcare time.

Receptive parents and good memories

This follow-up promotes a better evolution of the child: the nanny is listening, the parents are receptive. In theory, the transmission notebook allows a real connection between the nanny and the parents . They have a topic of conversation, their child, and also learn to weave this special bond around their child.

Beyond the practicality of the nanny’s transmissions notebook, this one will be excellent memories. When the child is older, he will be able to have fun consulting him. the transmissions book is entirely part of the child’s story. Everything is recorded, including all learning , by successes but also attempts and failures, and ververence.