Marsala color : combine colors

Have you heard of the famous Marsala color? Pantone color of the year 2015 , this shade has made a rage in many sectors, like all Pantone colors. Whether in interior decoration, painting, design, dressing, make-up and many others, the colour Marsala pleases with its tint. Update on the best color combinations with the Pantone Marsala shade.

The color Marsala in interior decoration

The colour Marsala is directly inspired by Italian wine and the city of the same name. This Pantone color is between browns, pink and wine red . You like the Marsala color but you do not dare to redo the paint? However, taking the step is so rewarding!

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This fashionable color is very trendy since the year 2015. It is ideal for painting walls, a room renovation (bedroom, kitchen…), a new sofa, a bed or just the decoration of a room in photo, cushion, ottoman, etc. We give you our advice on the colors that go well with the Marsala shade .

Remake a room or decoration in Marsala

We’re launching! With the color Pantone Marsala, if you choose for example a wall, it will have to be harmonious with the eyes and feel. The colors that go well with Marsala :

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  • White and black, simply : opt for a wall panel Marsala and the rest in white. Deco: in bedding, mix pillows and duvet cover. For a sofa, mix the cushions in white, black and Marsala
  • The pink, to soften : yes, a pale pink goes very well with the tint Marsala. You can opt for pink walls and a Marsala decoration, in small touches, or the other way around, for the most reckless!
  • Terracotta red, for peps : raising the Marsala with terracotta red allows to highlight its softness. A velvet hanging, carpet, lamp, photo frames or fabric decoration (cushion, ottoman) will be ideal in any room.
  • A cold color : do you like contrast? Choose a complementary color and let go of the paint. A piece dominated by light blue or emerald green can be enhanced and enhanced by the Marsala hue or vice versa

Design rule : in any case, it is important tobalance the colours and tones so that the mood is light and airy. Marsala color brings a touch Cozy, friendly and warm . It is ideal for a living room, a kitchen but also a bedroom. Who said Marsala, wine red, pink and brown were reserved for reception rooms?

A kitchen can even adorn itself with furniture Marsala color . Opt for Marsala placemats that will look beautifully well with a wooden table and cutlery decorated with white or cream. Take the test for your home: order your design and color, you will not be disappointed with the delivery of your new kitchen or living room decoration.

Well wearing the color Marsala: fashion and style

For your clothes and clothing style, combinations of color and hues will be generally the same as in interior decoration. Just adhere to the rule of the maximum three shades !

Clothes are noticed when worn with accessories reminiscent of shades. Jewellery, makeup, beauty accessories , shoes, bag, etc. And it also applies to you men: fashion is not exclusively feminine.

When a Pantone color comes out, fashion and trends follow: trust the colors you find in stores and keep a trendy dress balance! Beautiful creativity high in color!