Luxury holidays: where to go?

Going on vacation in Brittany is a very attractive alternative, and every year a large number of tourists choose this destination for their relaxing time. If these tourists choose Brittany, it is mainly because of the many possibilities we have, and there is no time to explore during a holiday often too short. But luxury holidays in Brittany can be unforgettable. Here are some ideas you can take inspiration for your luxury holiday in Brittany.

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Choose the right hotel

For a luxury holiday, comfort is the first aspect you need to bet on. So start by booking a room at a 5-star hotel, but don’t forget to clarify your criteria. For example, you could opt for a suite with a balcony, and stunning views of a harbour, the sea, or gardens. You also have the possibility to rent a charming house in Brittany. You will then have all the privacy and all the comfort dreamed of. It’s the best way to feel at home, but without the daily hassle. Here again, the proximity to the sea, a swimming pool in the villa, a garden, all options are available.

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Dive into the heart of Breton gastronomy

Although you have rented a villa, you are on vacation and so you don’t have to cook. So book a table in one of the best restaurants in Brittany, get on your thirty-one, and enjoy local specialties cooked by great chefs, with the best ingredients of market. And if you feel like it, why not offer cooking classes during your stay to learn how to make good dishes once at home? Many restaurants and travel agencies can help you find courses that will be fun and informative.

Explore Brittany

The best thing to do on a luxury holiday in Brittany is to explore the country. There are many hiking trails that will allow you to discover lakes, wilderness, and animals. You can also go camping and sleep in the stars in a pretty tent. Or discover Brittany from the sky thanks to the hot air balloons that you can rent easily. If the hot air balloons don’t try you, choose to visit the many Breton Islands with a boat. You will definitely enjoy an entertaining experience. Museums, castles, and places rich in history are also waiting for you. Make a mix of all these activities for a busy stay.


Your vacation away from home is an opportunity for you to relax. So even if you need to plan activities to discover the country and do new experiences, you also need to take some time for yourself. Swim in a pool or at the beach, treat yourself to spa sessions or Thalasso sessions to relax. Meet, go out to dance in the evening, go sunbathe on the beach, vary transportation, visit parks, in short, do things for your personal well-being.

Whatever the program you choose, the important thing is to make the most of your luxury holiday in Brittany .