Is there a minimum age for baby sitting?

There comes an age when we all need to find a small job next to studies. Babysitting is one of the activities that allow a young person to earn some pocket money. But is there a minimum age to be babysitter and take care of children? We explain everything to you.

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  • Babysitting: from what age?
    • Baby sitting and the law
  • Responsibility of the baby sitter
  • Need a diploma to be a baby sitter?
    • BAFA, or first aid training
  • Find a small job as a baby sitter
    • A few hours a week or a month
    • What babysitting does not include

Babysitting: from what age?

Babysitting is often the first idea you think of when looking for a little one “nanny” work outside of school or even in high school. This is a good way to have pocket money and gently move towards autonomy as a young person.

It is not uncommon to see a young person post an ad, from the age of 13 or 14, to look for a regular babysitting with children. Having said that, is there a legal age for this type of work and what does the law say?

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Baby sitting and the law

The law is clear in this respect: it is quite possible to babysitting from the age of 16 . This is the minimum age to be a baby sitter as a young person. This is a principle that is often respected, although there may be some exceptions.

A young minor, at the age of 16, can quite commit themselves to regular childcare, in the evening, Weekend or evening, week. This age can be lowered to 14 years if the parents of the young person agree and employer parents request an explicit parental agreement.

It should be notedthat under the age of 14 , it is strictly prohibited by law to offer babysitting. Baby sitters must have a minimum of maturity to keep children.

The responsibility of the baby sitter

As a baby sitter, a young girl or boy must have a minimum sense of responsibility . Keeping a child or several children involves skills and high confidence.

Parents must be able to trust the young person, and the babysitter must also have sufficient confidence in her to engage in child care missions .

Need a diploma to be a baby sitter ?

As we told you above, it is possible to babysit from the age of 14. However, at that age, a teenager does not yet have a diploma in this area. The same goes for up to 16 years.

After 16 years, if babysitting is an activity that pleases the young person, then it will be interesting to look at training leading to a suitable diploma . This occurs during the years of college. In high school, to have some pocket money, the young person can continue to do occasional childcare.

BAFA, or first aid training

The services rendered are remunerated and allow a certain freedom to the babysitter, while continuing her school curriculum. After a certain age, it is possible to move towards a BAFA training course in order to acquire additional skills.

Parents of children to make keep will necessarily be more confident if they employ a young person who has a BAFA diploma or who has trained in first aid , for example.

Find a little job as a babysitter

Generally speaking, young people with experience with children have no difficulty finding a small job as a baby sitter. Baby sitting is done regularly all year or weekend, depending on needs and availability.

The ads put by parents during the summer have every chance to find a taker in young students, college students or high school students, if schedules stick with their course schedule.

A few hours a week or a month

It is often a very first professional experience and a leap towards autonomy and empowerment . Parents often ask to accompany and pick up the children from school, take them to taste, occupy them with games, do homework help (if any), take them bathing, evening meal and then go to bed, and wait for the parents to return.

Babysitting can therefore be a few hours a week, on school days, or per month, on weekends, for example. Before committing, the youth must ensure that there is no conflict with their school schedule.

Babysitting can also be shared with a friend, if the schedules are too restrictive.

What babysitting does not include

Babysitting is not a job that allows help with household chores. The babysitter is exclusively present to take care of children, regardless of their age. It is not uncommon, moreover, for confident parents to keep their baby from a few months , up to the older children, around 11 or 12 years.

The missions of the baby sitter , especially if it is young, must be specified before any child care begins. This makes it possible to frame the missions and does not prevent him from doing his job of guard properly.

The babysitter can set their hourly rate or adapt to what the parents of the children offer. This arrangement is often tacit between the young person and the parents of the child to be kept, depending on the age of the child and according to the hours worked. It can be a daily, weekly or monthly fee, or an hourly payment .