Install Aptoide app for Android on iPhone ?

Aptoide is in vogue lately: this handy app allows you to download other apps without going through the App store or Google Play store. What is the Aptoide app and how do I install it on iPhone (iOS)? We tell you everything here.

Aptoide: what exactly is it?

Of all existing applications, Aptoide is clearly out of the crowd. This application is for all smartphone users who want to go through a different application from the classic smartphone app download apps.

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There are essentially two apps that allow you to download other apps: the App Store, Apple (iOS), and Google’s Play Store (Android).

The two giants share the majority of app downloads, but it was not counting the arrival on the market of Aptoide, an app specifically designed for Android . That said, it is possible to install Aptoide on iOS. We explain how.

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The specifics of the Aptoide application

Aptoide is an Android application (essentially) that was designed by the Aptoide team. This is a competitive platform that stands out against the Google Play Store or the App Store.

But why is Aptoide for Android a great success? In fact, this application has the merit of offering a different and customized system of access to conventional applications.

This platform is not a place that centralizes applications: it offers a personalized and individual experience for all its users. Instead of an application search platform, you have access to “stores” . These stores are listed according to their popularity.

Aptoide, an application that has made a way on Android

While Aptoide for Android was originally a platform forproposing gaming applications , it gradually opened up to many other types of applications.

Thus, you not only have access to gaming applications, use of the Aptoide app, but also to music and content from audiovisual applications or even adult content.

Through the search function of the Aptoide app, you select the criteria for the applications you are interested in. It is up to us that this feature is not available on the App Store (Apple iOS) or on the Google Play Store for Android.

Aptoide: search criteria and stores

These search criteria by application theme make the strength of the Aptoide application. This explains in part why Aptoide is very successful among smartphone users. The majority of apps available for download on Aptoide are free, making it a selective criterion of quality and advantageous for users.

Users filter Aptoide stores by criteria and can create their own user profiles , as well as their favorite app store.

Install Aptoide for Android… on an iPhone?

You are on iOS and you want to install Aptoide on your iPhone at any cost? If Aptoide was not designed by his team to be installed on an operating system other than Android, it is possible to bypass the difficulty.

In order to have full access to the Aptoide app and to be able to download the apps of your choice to your iOS operating system, you must install Aptoide on your Apple iPhone. Be aware that if you had an Android smartphone before, it may be difficult to reinstall Aptoide on iOS this time.

Steps must be followed in order to install Aptoide on your iPhone


  • Your Apple smartphone will need to be unlocked via a jailbreak, also known as the iOS operating system unlocking .
  • This allows you to gain access to additional features on iOS. Some restrictions jump and with it safety standards. So you need to be sure of your choice before installing Aptoide for Android… on an iPhone.
  • The version of your phone must accept the jailbreak: it is advisable to ask a specialist for advice if you are not sure of how to install Aptoide.
  • Download a third-party installation application such as Installous, AppCare or iFunBox; be aware of incorrect versions of applications, which may contain malware.
  • To install Aptoide on iPhone, you will then need to download the Aptoide APK file for Android. This APK file is paramount to be able to use Aptoide afterwards. It can be found either on the official website of the Aptoide team or on Safari Download.
  • The APK file must then be moved manually from the application desktop and then run with one of the above mentioned applications: Installous, AppCare, or iFunBox.
  • Fake versions of Aptoide APK file exist and circulate on the net: be more than vigilant about the quality of the source of the APK file for Aptoide Android.

Enter the Aptoide User Community

Once the Aptoide APK file for Android is installed on your iPhone, and run through a third-party application, your device is ready to use Aptoide.

Create an account and join the many other Aptoide for Android users from your iPhone. You can sign up with a Facebook account, Google.

Adjust the Aptoide app settings for Android according to your needs and preferences. Finally, you can start looking for the apps that interest you most, exploring Aptoide stores for Android.

How do I update Aptoide on your iPhone?

Once Aptoide is installed on your iOS smartphone, you can make updates just like on Android.

The bottom bar of the Aptoide app tells you which apps you have installed. Aptoide also tells you which updates are available on the apps you have chosen. Click “Update All” and all your updates will be launched on Aptoide for Android, but on your iPhone.

Now you know everything you need to know to thwart the installation and be able be part of Aptoide users on iPhone. For now, some hacks are possible to get a good version of the Aptoide app and access a whole range of applications for free. Keep up to date to have the latest news about Aptoide: good navigation on your device!