How to turn a shower into an Italian shower ?

You have no chance of doing a job.

Don’t you get a chance to redo the floor?

Castorama Do not panic, in this case you have a solution the flat tray. It is not always possible to dig the floor, sometimes the drain just below the floor does not allow the shower to be integrated. The extra flat tray, placed directly on the floor, is an acceptable option to replace the shower and give a shower cabin look.

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These trays do not measure more than 3 cm in height. Of course, you will not have a classic shower cubicle, but you approach without having to start heavy work. You will not be disappointed, because the effect aesthetic remains very close to the traditional model. Especially since the receivers also exist in black for a more contemporary rendering.

The conditions are met to completely redo the plan

© Schmidt Making a real shower cubicle during a renovation requires a lot of work. You need to shell out thesol dig the concrete screed and then it is necessary to make a hole in the dimensions of the shower, called reservation.

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This work requires certain conditions in advance. In particular, the drain should be located under the floor and at a depth sufficient to have sufficient slope for an Italian shower and the place where to put the siphon.

Another important criterion is that the slope must be sufficient to allow the water to flow properly. Otherwise, you need to add a suction pump to avoid any problem. This is a point that it is best to look at with a professional to make sure you don’t experience any problems afterwards.

If all these specific conditions are met, you will have the choice between two solutions :

  • Tray ready for tiles, the slope is already molded, and you will only have to lay the tile on it.
  • The shower cubicle — it is better to do it by a professional. Work is important, in fact, because it is necessary to fill the reserve with a mortar and give it an inclined shape.

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If the evacuation is above the ground

© Lapeyre

© Watercolor When the drain is above the floor, consider raising the floor. Then, you just need to hollow out the siphon, drain hose and, if necessary, the tray ready for weaving.

Also this time you have two solutions


  • Pour a concrete screed to meet the size of the shower above the tile you already have in your bathroom. Then you just need to lay the ready-made tray for weaving on it.
  • It is also possible to improve the entire room with a technical floor. You will then have to take a walk to enter inbathroom.

Here is an additional tip: lay a shower tile that is equal to the floor so that there is no demarcation, which will accentuate the very contemporary character of the Italian shower.

You have no chance of doing a job.

© Kiamami Valentina If the evacuation is located above the floor, just place a raised tray 15 cm high directly on the floor.

Of course, you won’t have a tiled shower or a built-in shower, but you can add a touch of style comparable to the shower cubicle.

However, it must be placed in a corner, then you will add a fixed wall in the style of “walking”. You will keep a full opening on the remaining side. This gives an impression of space in the room while retaining all its volume, which characterizes the shower cubicle.

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