How to stabilize a floor for a terrace?

A concrete slab is not always needed for the construction of a terrace. You can put it on bare ground provided that it is well stabilized thanks to its crushed sand or gravel foundation. Other solution? The sills or the wooden stilts. Find out more!

Stabilize the terrace by preparing the floor well

Crushed gravel or sand are the best element for stabilizing the soil for the terrace. Decking composite wood is only placed on a flat, even surface. It therefore requires a good raking beforehand. It is also imperative to put it on the same level. This step usually requires soil damage to compact it well to ensure better stability of the terrace. Once flattened and groomed, the soil must be covered with crushed sand or gravel.

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Sills can be laid directly on the ground, always for the purpose of stabilize the future construction. These structures resemble beams, but they lay on the floor and not on the ceiling. They are indeed located on the ground, separated from each other by a similar distance. The lambourdes will then be laid perpendicular to them.

Use studs to put on the bare ground

The concrete slab is the most common stabilizer in a terrace. Without it, a ceramic slab terrace requires the installation of studs. The latter are most often made of concrete or PVC.

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For concrete studs, they should be sealed on the floor with concrete. At the same time you need to put them on the same level individually to ensure the evenness of the terrace.

On the other hand, PVC pads are adjustable in terms of their height. Their installation is simpler because they do not require special sealing.

Follow every step of the laying a terrace

To build a well-stable terrace on bare ground, it is necessary:

  • place the studs one by one at regular intervals on the ground already flattened and leveled,
  • install the lambors above the studs to avoid possible balance problems at the composite siding of the house, put the blades in
  • a manner perpendicular to the lambors.

Now you know how to ensure the stability of your terrace without the use of a concrete slab. The procedure to follow is quite easy if you are a good handyman. If this is not the case, call a professional! The end result will depend on your dexterity and material choices.