How to ripen green tomatoes at the end of the season?

How to ripen green tomatoes at the end of the season Posted by Florence

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Green tomatoes ripening Ah, our beautiful summer green tomatoes that are slow to ripen everything by the end of autumn.

A classic, isn’t it?

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We watch them lovingly every morning praying that a bit of sun will come to finish their cycle in time.

The famous green tomato, desperate waiting for sun In order to taste again in autumn the best tomatoes in the world: those picked by your hand, fleshy, succulent and melting in the mouth.

Good news, all these green tomatoes are not lost!

Unless you are in a very hot climate for a few weeks, I advise you to harvest today all your green tomatoes that will have little chance of ripening on foot.

Take them back home, to inside.

And then?

Here is the following guessing, and it’s 100% validated by science:

The 100% scientific guessing The trick to make your tomatoes ripen is to understand the biological mechanism of this atypical plant.

Because in reality, it is not the sun but the heat that makes your tomatoes ripen 😊

The plant world has not finished surprising us! Certain plants like bananas or tomatoes actually ripen thanks to a colorless gas called “ethylene”.

Basically, it is a plant hormone produced by the plant to accelerate the ripening cycle of the fruit, especially if the outside temperatures are not hot enough.

Avocado, banana, tomatoes etc., these fruits of “exotic” origin are called “climacteric”

For they depend not on the sun, but on the heat.

Peoples Ancestral people know well, an avocado does not necessarily ripen on the tree, but about a week after being harvested.

And this is good news for the adventurer gardener who wants to blush his last summer tomatoes in his apartment or home.

Here’s how to proceed:

I suggest you to test this tip: put in a bag of kraft paper 2-3 tomatoes with 1 banana (it also works with a pear or an apple, hard not yet ripe).

Wait a few days, then, “miracle” :green tomato => red tomato

But what happened in concrete terms? The art of companionship!

A young Russian biologist, named Neljubow, opened the ball of scientific research in 1886.

As early as 1924, it was the fruit parade in the laboratories; it is indeed evident that some fruits, such as lemon, also benefit from a “secret” internal of the plant to mature faster.

But it was only around the 1960s that scientists realize that this ethylene gas is actually found throughout the plant. Another good news: this gas works both in the fruit and on its surface!

That’s why a ripening fruit that emerges, let me say, “full pot of ethylene gas”, is the best companion to save your summer survivors.

Just make them live a short flatshare, and the turn is done!

So concretely:

  • Since the ripening of these “exotic” fruits depends not only on the sun, but especially on the heat, here are 2 reflexes of savvy gardeners that you can use.
  • To promote ripening: put a fruit like a banana, (or the whole plant), which emits a lot of ethylene next to the palot fruits.
  • On the contrary, to delay ripening, the cold is not enough. It will also be necessary to ventilate your room to ventilate the accumulation of ethylene.

Attention — Good to know!

Tomato is part of the Solanaceae family, and this family continues to surprise us because it has more than one turn in her bag…

  • Green tomatoes eaten raw are poisonous! If you want to consume them raw, you absolutely need to cook them (with for example the recipe for chutney).
  • Indeed, the tomato contains solanine in its skin. Cooking reduces its presence, to obtain a rate that is close to a ripe tomato, whose amount of solanine is found in a tiny amount!

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It’s time to take care of yourself, Florence

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