How to reference your company on Google?

Referencing your company on Google How do I make my business appear on Google?

Today, having a presence on the internet has become necessary for any business. You have different ways to make your business visible: SEO, local SEO, Google Ads advertising , social networks, online directories… All these levers allow you to give your business an online existence, and make it visible to your customers and prospects. In addition, about 80% of people who go to the store previously inquire about internet to find information. That’s why having a digital presence is essential, so that you are visible and easily found.

What are the different ways to be visible online?

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Local SEO with Google My Business:

The easiest way to be referenced locally is a free service set up by Google, which summarizes the main information of your company, namely: address, phone number, reviews, services, website etc… The My Business card is the 2nd query that appears on Google when a Internet user type the name of your company, or the type of services you offer. Thanks to Google My Business, you will also appear on Google Maps.

Let’s take an example: if you are a car garage located in Valencia, and a user types as a request “garage car Valencia”, if it is nearby, Google will offer him the file of your establishment.

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To add your business to My Business, simply go to the Google My Business website and follow the steps to create your business listing.

Natural SEO:

These are the so-called “natural” links that appear on Google. It is one of the most important levers to ensure your visibility on the net. If you have a website, you have to work the different expressions of your pages based on your products or services to ensure good visibility on the net. The more your website goes back to Google, the more Internet users will see you and therefore the more visits you will get on your website. If you are targeting a local sector , it is important to put the city in each of the main expressions of your pages to make Google understand what geographic area you are positioning on. In addition, the SEO will complement the Google My Business page, and improve its SEO.

Google Ads ads can be displayed at the top of the page on Google, before Google my Business pages, and before SEO links natural. Simply choose the keywords you want to appear on and create a campaign, to become visible instantly. Only, a Google Ads advertising campaign is paid, you will have to pay for keywords, as well as setting up the campaign by an agency.

Need help referencing your business on Google?

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