How to make money by making videos on YouTube?

Would you also like to know how to make money on Youtube ?

I understand you. When you see the revenue generated by YouTubers, two ideas usually come to mind:

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  • “I too want to win so much by doing the stupid on Youtube, it looks easy”
  • “So much money for a few minute videos, isn’t it a little exaggerated?

That is the kind of comments I have often heard around me, and I thought it was time to break these misconceptions.

Stop misconceptions on Youtube

No, mounting a Youtube channel and generating money is nothing easy.

Anyone who thinks that making a living with Youtube is easy , I’ll stop you right away.

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For 1 Norman, Cyprien or Squeezie who earns thousands of euros per video (and hundreds of thousands of euros per year), there are tens of thousands of contenders and people like you and me who have their Youtube channel, try to get full of thumbs raised (Youtube’s “Like”) and stagnate at 137 views via videos.

If it were so easy, everyone would do it (… well, ok, it’s already… almost everyone has a Youtube channel nowadays…) and most importantly, everyone would make a living with it.

Unfortunately, it is very hard. It is a real job, or rather, a real talent. And like everything, you need to learn, try, practice, break your figure, and start over .

Cyprien’s first videos date back to 2007, it’s been almost 10 years ago. They have not had the success we know, on the contrary. But it was by filming himself, and collaborations with other apprentice youtubers, that he improved and arrived at the top of Youtubers French.

No, it’s not enough to do the stupid to be known.

Many mistakenly think that the only way to make yourself known and make money on Youtube is to make humorous videos to tell your life in a staggered way, or even do the stupid, quite simply.

It’s clear that it works. Rémi Gaillard and his Mario Kart race in Montpellier is an excellent example.

Rémi Gaillard, one of the most famous French Youtubers in the world, especially thanks to this real kart race in the center of Montpellier 😂

But it’s not just that. Many YouTubers live from their passions in a wide variety of fields: history (NotaBene), cooking (FastGoodCuisine), high-tech (Jojol), children’s song (ComptineTV)…

Morality: if you have something to share, even if it’s not your amazing life or your experiences in front of your game console, think about Youtube.

No, it’s not “that” a few minutes of video.

Making a video is much more than… making a video. It is the script, the shooting, the multiple takes, the editing, the upload, the promotion of his video. It is also collaborations with other YouTubers. Marketing to make yourself known. Respond to comments (sometimes hateful) on these videos.

So when you hear that such has earned more than 100,000 euros through its Youtube channel, remember that this is a lot of work behind it.

No, being a YouTuber is not a “good seam” to earn money.

Earning money with Youtube seems simple (it’s not), accessible to everyone (FALSE!) and fast, since just make a few videos (actually… much more than that).

Many see this as a good fillet to win money. Before thinking about sharing something on Youtube, and building an audience with fans ready for anything, they are already thinking about the possible sums to earn.

Unfortunately, from this point of view, Youtube is a bit like a blog. Only the most passionate will succeed. Because it takes a lot of passion to film, again and again, without getting a lot of views, improving, filming again, finding new topics, spending hours and hours editing the video perfectly. For all this, it is important to be passionate.

If you’re only here for the money, you’ll quickly give up. Money is rarely a sufficient engine, especially for an activity as original and special as Youtube, which requires, among other things, to stand in front of a camera and talk.

For trying it a few weeks ago with 2 Facebook Live, talking face camera is far from easy 😉

No, we do not win 1 euro for 1000 views.

According to an urban legend, you can earn about 1 euro for 1000 views of your Youtube videos. It’s pretty in theory… but in practice it’s much more complicated than that — and often the amount is much lower and depends on a lot of parameters (advertisers, your audience, its purchasing power…).

You will see in the rest of this article that there are different ways to monetize a video — and advertising is not necessarily the best.

In short.

Are you still here? Did you understand that Youtube is nothing easy, and getting known and enjoying on Youtube requires time and real talent?

So let’s continue.

The keys to a successful Youtube channel

I just finished the book Youtuber, by Jean-Baptiste Viet. A real wealth of information on Youtube, from the point of view of apprentice youtuber. I tell you later in this article, but one aspect that I particularly liked in his book is that the author has been able to accurately identify the keys to a Youtube channel.

By interviewing well-known youtubers, and starting from his own experience, this is what he believes is most important.


You must like what you do . It is paramount.

The videos will necessarily come out. Funnier, more spontaneous, more relevant… Passion will push you to do more to get the best video possible.

For example, the NotaBene YouTuber is a history enthusiast . And it can be seen in his videos. He even made some of his videos according to what his fans wanted to discover… and therefore set out to search for additional information, on a topic he didn’t master.

Another beautiful example it’s Cyprien. He obviously loves to film himself, but he is also a big fan of video games of all kinds. He even shot a few short films around his passion, which he tries to convey to all his fans.

That’s the passion. Always go further.

The Creative Brief

Your Youtube channel must have a clear message . Why did you create it? What is its purpose? Make laugh? Teaching the guitar? In what way? For whom?

These questions are paramount, they will give you a guideline not to lose during your videos.

The script

A good video is first a good script. The script is not only the story told in the video, it is the sequence of different planes, how all the elements of the video fit together, the introduction, the conclusion and the message of the video.

Work several hours on this script will significantly improve the engagement of your fans and your videos will be viewed more often, longer and will be shared regularly.

The material

Acceptable material is a minimum. No need to ruin with the latest fashionable HD video camera.

No. Your smartphone, a pocket tripod and a micro tie can be quite enough to make quality videos. The tripod will stabilize the image and the micro-tie to have a really clear and parasite free sound.

It won’t be George Lucas, but it will be fine.

On his website, the author of Youtubeur recommends this tripod (or GorillaPod) and this micro-tie. Follow his precious advice!

Regarding editing , there are also good free software programs like Movie Maker or DaVinci Resolve. It will be very good for start.


you think that once the video was over, the millions of views were going to magically flow? No, unfortunately it’s not so simple. Now you need to work the SEO of your video, make it appear first in search results on Youtube Did .

Think about it: you are surely not the first to make a video about the “best tatin pie”. It is up to you to reference the video so that it appears at the top of the results when this theme is searched on Youtube.


Having a Youtube channel means receiving dozens of comments every day (sometimes hateful, unfortunately…)

Being close to your fans is paramount: both in the topics of your videos, as in the comments, they will feel listened to and will be committed to sharing your videos.

One of my favorite videos of Cyprien is his series “Cyprien answers your questions”. He takes tweets from several people and answers their questions. Often personal questions, sometimes technical questions. It allows me to know Cyprian better and feel closer — despite his income and fame, he’s always a normal guy with his desires, fears, tricks that make him laugh…

Measure and optimize

You can not only do dozens of videos and hope they will please. You need to analyze the results using Youtube tools, see where your visitors drop up, watch the most shared videos…

For many, it will seem boring to you but it’s really something that can make a difference.


Contrary to popular ideas, monetizing a Youtube video is much more than advertising and the famous phrase “1000 views = 1 euro”. On the one hand, this figure is a little reductive and depends on full of parameters. On the other hand, there are plenty of ways to make money on Youtube, it’s up to you to choose which one is your favorite.

How to make money on Youtube?

Finally, we come to the heart of the subject. That’s probably why you read this article — and this blog.

As I just explained, there are dozens of ways to make money with Youtube.


To monetize a video, first of all, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • have a Youtube channel
  • have an approved Adsense account
  • have 100% copyright on all content. Including the soundtrack (which is regularly problematic)

I’m not going to explain how to register on Youtube, Adsense, and enable monetization of your channel is very well explained in these two resources:

  • an article by Olivier Duffez from WebrankInfo:
  • the book Youtuber of John the Baptist Viet, already mentioned:

Advertising in videos

The most “simple” and common way is to add ads in videos .

These can be full-screen ads before the video starts, banners ads overlapping the video, or ads on the side.

If you choose to earn money on Youtube in this way, then go free and activate all types of ads.

It is often said that on average it is possible to win 1 euro for 1000 views. Actually, it’s not true. Some earn 50 cents, others 2 euros. It really depends on your channel, advertisers and ads that you have enabled.

An important point to note: success on Youtube does not depend on the number of views but on the duration of viewing. So promote short (less than 5 minutes) but interesting content that make you want to know more, thus increasing the time you watch your videos.

Similarly, it’s not by increasing your views that you will increase your revenue, but by improving your channel engagement (likes, comments, subscriptions). Many ads are paid only after 30 seconds of viewing, so you have to keep people at least 30 seconds 😉

All these criteria participate in the correct SEO of your video anyway. If you would like to know more to reference your video well, I recommend this article by Olivier Duffez from WebrankInfo: Product Placement

A more subtle way to make money with your video is to make product placement . That is, a sponsored video.

You are paid by a brand or company to talk about it, its product, its services.

Of course, if you are honest, you will only talk about brands that you like and/or use yourself — and of course you will indicate in the video that it was made in partnership with the brand. This will not always appeal to your fans, but it has the merit of being transparent .

And then, you still have the right to want to make a living with your passion, right? As long as you only say the truth about the product, without embellishing or omitting less positive details, I think it is viable.

Just a small note: in general, the brand pays you to talk about it, but it will not have the right to look at the script or video. So you will have total freedom for your video.


More and more Youtubers are making calls for donations. This is also called crowdfunding. The Patreon platform is widely used in the United States, especially by youtubers and bloggers, but in France it is rather Tipeee who wins the vote.

In both cases, the principle is the same. One of your fans wants to support you financially , for example so that you can continue producing quality videos, and can therefore pay you a sum every month (starting at 1 euro) or once, on time.

I see two big advantages to this operation:

  • You can get an idea in advance of your income , and therefore be better prepared (personally and professionally).
  • You earn money without drowning your fans in video ads or product placement.

According to the Youtuber book, some creators earn more than 1000 euros a month in this way. Obviously, you need quality and serious content as well as a major audience. For example Nota Bene, Youtuber Story, currently earns 1347€ per month thanks to donations.

Note that even if it is donations, on your side as a Youtuber you will have to declare this as income. To learn more about taxation, I recommend the book YouTuber (yes, the same already mentioned several times before in this article; -))

Sponsorship or Affiliation

You can display products or services in your videos (without being directly sponsored by a brand) and be paid whenever someone registers or buys.

This referral mechanism is usually referred to as sponsorship or affiliation and is used extensively on the Internet. This is my main source of income on this blog.

So imagine that you want to make videos about running. You could present the shoes you use, or the smart watch that allows you to track your performance. And hop, a small purchase link to the seller’s site or to Amazon, and you get a commission with each purchase.

There are other ways to earn via Youtube but these 4 ways are in my opinion the main sources of monetization via Youtube videos.

The Youtuber Book

And the best for the end!

One of the reasons for this article was that I absolutely wanted to talk to you about the book Youtuber.

This is the new book by John the Baptist Viet, about which I had already told you at the occasion of the release of his excellent guide on blogging: BlogBuster (which I present in this article).

In this guide entitled YouTuber: Creating videos and millions of views on Youtube, Jean-Baptiste looks at his own Youtuber experience and explains step by step how to build a quality channel, promote and monetize it .

Jean-Baptiste himself has a channel on Youtube, of course, where he puts into practice the tips he shares in the book. But above all, his book is full of testimonials from Youtube professionals : NotaBene (story), Pierre Croce (humor via Powerpoint), Jojol (high-tech)…

This book does not just give tips to make the most beautiful video but actually addresses all aspects of Youtube:

  • How to create your Youtube channel
  • How to create good videos (the importance of the scenario, the assembly, equipment…)
  • How to make your video known (virality, SEO of your video, contact with your community…)
  • How to measure your success and community engagement
  • How to make money with Youtube (ads, partnerships with networks, product placement, services around Youtube…)
  • How to be legally and not to infringe neither French law (taxation, self-entrepreneur status) nor Youtube rules (copyright…)
  • How to use Youtube videos to communicate about your business
  • And much more!

For my part, I particularly appreciated the various YouTuber interviews known to talk about all aspects of a Youtube channel, whether it be video production, promotion or monetization. As I said, this guide provides a very comprehensive overview of Youtube , and see all the aspects that you absolutely have to think about to launch your channel.

Become a YouTuber with this Great Book

Reading this book will not make you rich but will give you the leads to go in the right direction and, hopefully, build a community around your videos and passions and why not generate additional money .

To acquire it, click here. It is available in Kindle electronic version (but no need to have a Kindle reader, since a simple application installed on your computer or smartphone allows you to read Kindle ebooks), and in hard copy.

So, are you going to get into it too? Are you going to buy this book and learn how to make money on Youtube? With the right book, and the right tips, everything is possible 😉

Youtube , and see all the aspects that you absolutely have to think about to launch your channel.

Become a YouTuber with this Great Book

Reading this book will not make you rich but will give you the leads to go in the right direction and, hopefully, build a community around your videos and passions and why not generate additional money .

To acquire it, click here. It is available in Kindle electronic version (but no need to have a Kindle reader, since a simple application installed on your computer or smartphone allows you to read Kindle ebooks), and in hard copy.

So, are you going to get into it too? Are you going to buy this book and learn how to make money on Youtube? With the right book, and the right advice, everything is possible