How to make a wooden roofing?

It’s gone for the works: would you like to embark on the adventure of a wooden roof? We come back for you on a set of elements that you need to know, including the lexicon of the roof and its finishes , before embarking on woodworking at any end of the field.

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  • Your wooden roof: know it before you do it
    • Quick lexicon of wooden roofs
    • Lexicon of openings of a wooden roof Wood roofing
  • work: our tips
    • Traditional roofing with wood shingles

Your wood roof: know it before you do it

Just as it is important to know your subject before speaking, it is essentialto have an overview of its future wooden roof before making it or make build. This knowledge allows you to know under what circumstances the wooden roof arises, is manufactured and evolved.

Wood is a living material, which moves with weather and climatic conditions. For this reason, upstream of all work, it is important to take a minimum interest in the material and its vocabulary, to have a choice in your wood roofing work , quite simply.

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Small quick lexicon of wood roofs

Here are some essential words of wood roofing:

Shingle (or tavaillon) : wooden tiles often cut from larch wood. Shingles are arranged in such a way as to make an ecological and aesthetic wooden roof.

Solid wood frame: traditional, the wooden frame promotes an efficient design of the attic and can later accommodate a new full-fledged room. The frame protects from the elements and covers the entire building.

Farmhouse frame : it allows a more equitable distribution of roofing loads. Light and simple to install, it will not be able to accommodate fitted attic.

Coverage : this is what covers the frame, in direct contact with rainwater and weather. Flat, channel, mechanical, or shale slate tile…

Wooden battens : fixed on the frame, they welcome the cover

Volige : wooden plank fixed on the rafters to make a kind of floor that supports the roofing roofing materials.

Tall : it is the whole that composes the frame and the roof, but also the space under your wooden roof.

Lost peak : fill uninhabitable due to lack of space, in height, essentially.

Attic : Broken attic. Each side of the roof is going to be in two parts.

Lexicon of openings of a wooden roof

At the heart of your wooden roof, you have the choice to make a whole bunch of wooden openings:

Skylight: it is a small opening consisting of a front (window), two side faces and a cover with 2 or 3 slopes.

Sitting dog : it is a square bay skylight on a two-sloped roof.

Roof window : this is the frame that supports a window (same slope as the roof)

Skylight : LED light more or less long that brings natural light into a dark room.

Wood roofing work: our tips

For wood roofing work on your home, you will need to think about everything


  • Insulation (laying technique and choice of insulation)
  • Fasteners on a frame
  • The price (various quotes to request)
  • The construction technique
  • The maintenance
  • Finishes (aesthetic side siding, for example)
  • Non-wood materials
  • The waterproofing
  • Thermal performance

While the benefits of a wooden roofing are numerous and above all environmentally friendly, economical and efficient , implementing its wood roofing work often requires the use of professionals, in order to be well advised. Solutions exist: inquire before embarking on your wooden roof alone!

Traditional wood shingle roof

Moreover, the wooden roofing with shingles is done according to the rules of art and cannot be improvised, for reasons aesthetics,technicalbut alsosafety. Shingles or snibs are a type of technique to master, if you want to avoid wasting time and therefore money .

Artisans and other professionals accompany you on your wooden roof in shingles, tavaillons or wooden tiles, for an optimal rendering, consistent and traditional to the implementation of shingles on wood roofing.