How to make a meta description?

Have you thought of working the meta description of your content?

If this is not yet the case, you surely miss a number of clicks.

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Indeed, 99% of sites that have reached the top 10 on the Google search page have optimized their meta description, so this is no longer an item to neglect!

But what exactly is a good meta description?

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To help you with your writing, we have listed for you the top 10 strategies to follow , and related examples:

  1. Focus on the clarity of your message.
  2. Promote your competitive advantage.
  3. Formulate your meta description as a question.
  4. Put forward the purpose of your page.
  5. Integrate a call to action.
  6. Describe the offer you are proposing.
  7. Use eye-catching formulations.
  8. Include symbols or emoji.
  9. Details the solution you offer to users.
  10. Interpate your target using “you” and “your”.

Focus on the clarity of your message

You only have 155 characters to convince the user who just searched on Google to click on your result. So you need to stay clear and concise in your message! A successful first meta description is the one that focuses on clarity. What will your content talk about? What will the person who click on your link expect?

For example, in the meta description below, we directly indicate that our blog post deals with Alexa novelty, and how this innovation can benefit our reader:

Tip : Embed your main keyword into your meta description: this will help you keep clarity and consistency with the content on your page!

Promote Your Competitive Advantage

Another effective meta template description is the one where you are looking to promote the differentiator element of your page. What makes your content or offer unique? Why is the person who has just done this or that Google search better to visit your page rather than your competitor’s?

In the template below, competitive advantages are advertised directly on Google’s results page: the potential customer does not even need to click on the link.

Tip : See the meta description as the extend your advertising strategy: take back the sales arguments you usually present to your customers!

Formulate your meta description as a question

When a user type his query into the search bar and arrives on the Google results page, he gets overwhelmed with information. Between ads, Featured Snippets, natural results: he doesn’t necessarily know what content to direct his attention to. Take the opportunity to call him directly with questions!

Indeed, the 3rd effective meta description template to increase the number of clicks on your link is to use interrogative phrases as we did for our blog post below:

Tip: This is an opportunity to arouse the curiosity of users by showing them that you are looking to meet exactly their needs.

Put in front of the purpose of your page

In some cases, it may be interesting to recall in your meta description the purpose of your page for users. Are you just going to give them information, offer them a commercial offer, or present your services to them? This can make the person searching on Google want to discover your content rather than another, and thus click.

In the example below, the La Ronde amusement park in Montreal clearly shows the objective of its page: to highlight its seasonal promotion from its home page:

Bonus : This type of meta description becomes a real full-fledged marketing channel to promote your exclusive offers or the values you advocate within your business.

Integrate a call to action

This strategy may seem a bit straightforward at first glance, but it is really effective when you want to promote a particular product or service. Embedding a call to action directly into your meta description also tells the person searching on Google what they expect if they click on your link.

In the example below, we know that if we click on this result, we will be able to access a phone number with one click and make a reservation:

Tip : This strategy does not apply only to local shops and restaurants. For example, you can embed calls to action like “Download your marketing guide here” to promote one of your blog posts!

Describe the offer you offer

The 6th meta description template that is effective at increasing your click-through rate is simply to describe precisely the offer you offer! In what is your product or service? How does your content respond to the user’s search intent?

In the example below, the meta description of the Rocket specifies precisely the modalities of the training offer it offers to its clients:

Bonus : If you have enough characters left in your meta description and if this applies to the offer you are offering, you can even include the price of your product or service to get the more attention of your target!

Use eye-catching formulations

Certainly the simplicity has good, but sometimes a well-catching formula will attract the attention of the users and will save you clicks on your page! To consume in moderation, words like “free”, “best”, “amazing”, etc can help distinguish your content from that of your competitors on the Google search page.

This is for example the strategy adopted by the famous poutine restaurant in Montreal with this meta description:

Bonus : Are you lacking inspiration to write catchy meta descriptions with punchy words? Help yourself with the comprehensive guide offered by Smart Blogger.

Include symbols or emoji

Whatever meta description model you choose to adapt to your business, your goal is always the same: attract the user’s eye and attention to increase your chances of clicking on your content.

And for that, what could be better than symbols or emoji directly integrated into your meta description?

In the example of the meta description of Zalando below, the simple symbol “✓” immediately catches the eye


Caution : Symbols or emoji should be used in moderation! Otherwise, your content will appear as spam and you will get the opposite effect of the desired one.

Details the solution you offer to users

The penultimate meta template description of our list focuses on the solution you are going to offer to the user. You need to reinforce the feeling that only you and you can afford to respond to his research intent, and help him in his need.

This is the strategy we adopted for our blog post offering a comprehensive Instagram guide for businesses:

Tip : This meta description template works well with an interrogative form at the beginning of the text to challenge the user and reinforce their need (which you will answer through your offer).

Interpate your target using “you” and “your”

Here is the last meta description of our list, but not least! As in all previous models, it’s about attracting the user’s attention, this time using a direct form with words like “you” or “your”. Unconsciously, this will strengthen in the mind of the person who does his search on Google that you are the company that will precisely meet his needs.

You can opt for a meta description like the one written by the Montreal Cowork shared workspace:

Tip : Include in the same sentence your competitive advantages. In a meta description each character counts, so use them intelligently!

Here you are ready to write your next meta description!

Thanks to our 10 models, you have Turnkey to write the perfect meta description for your next content! Tell us your best results: what tips worked best for your meta descriptions?

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