How to make a bed spring ?

We spend a good part of our time in a lifetime resting. It is known today through studies that sleeping is the basis of everything, whether in terms of physical health or in terms of morale. But often buying a good bed, a mattress and a quality bed base is a significant expense. So why not make your bed base yourself? You are told how to make a bed base easily.

Bed and bed base: your sleep above all

A sleep aims to support the mattress. Often made of a flat and rigid surface, the bed base effectively holds the mattress in horizontal position. At the same time, a good bed base allows you to offer flexibility, in order to preserve the beneficial effects of your mattress on your back.

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Because yes, it is well known, combining a bed base with a mattress must have the main effect of supporting the spine in a healthy way. This saves you from discomfort: back pain, ankylosis, various pain, aches, tension… It is said that sleeping well allows you to have a better quality of life: this is quite true. Your spine being held straight prevents you from twisting and all the sometimes catastrophic impacts it can have on sleep every day.

Save money and build your bed base

To have a good bed, nothing like a good bed base. Today, it is not mandatory to buy a very expensive bed spring in order to have a quality sleep, contrary to this accepted idea. Let us remember the ancient methods, which have always allowed everyone to rest effectively.

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By making your own bed base, we make sacred savings. With simple pallets, wood, boards, a frame, you can quite make slats and a quality support. Your personalized bed base will also be a unique object and noticed in a bedroom thanks to its unusual design.

Make your bed base base with wooden pallets

You love everything that upcycling, recycling, recovery and DIY (Do It Yourself, the French DIY!) ? We embarked on the manufacture of a base base made of pallets or boards: wooden slats. We explain step by step this DIY session that is worth a visit!

The steps of manufacturing your pallet bed base

Having a wooden pallets bed is very trendy: Here are the steps to make your bed in pallets


  • Draw the design of your bed and define the dimensions (length, width) as well as the number of wooden pallets needed for your bed
  • Your pallets will act as wooden slats
  • Your pallets will have to be made of sturdy, heavy and thick wood
  • Cut out wooden pallets : your bed will have a minimum of 5, and more if you make a headboard
  • Sand your pallets with a sander, then with sandpaper for finishing the polishing. This step is essential to eliminate splinters
  • With hinges, you assemble your pallets together. Do not skimp on strength and effectively fix the pallets
  • It is important not to put foot on your pallet bed base , so as not to risk a sagging
  • Finishing Decoration: a shot of painting on your pretty wooden frame design and customised!

The result is that you make sacred savings! If you are not a fan of the wooden pallet, go for wooden boards, which will be assembled on a frame. Delimit the spacing of boards or slats well and get a beautiful wooden bed with its custom frame , all for equal sleep quality.

Because your room deserves a beautiful design decoration, feel free to imagine any other way to make your bed and bed base with boards, wooden slats and recycling battens’, for a personal home and DIY.