How to know the number of tax horses on a grey card?

The certificate of registration consists of several numbers and letters displayed according to rigorous coding, which make it possible to classify all the technical characteristics of a vehicle . Tax power on the registration card is one of the most important parameters, since it greatly affects the price of this mandatory document for car traffic.

What is tax power?

Also known as tax horses, the fiscal power of a car allows you to set the power of the engine. It is appropriate to Please note that to obtain a registration card, a regional tax must be included in the overall rate. The latter takes into account the number of tax horses of the vehicle and its age.

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The average cost of the tax horse is about 42€, but it varies from region to region. The most expensive region is Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) with a price of 51.20€, and the cheapest is Corsica with 27€. This variation clearly explains the difference in the price of maps between the different regions.

Where to find the number of resumes on the certificate of registration?

The grey card is in the form of an orange grey document (125 mm x 254 mm). It is fixed by a hologram and an optical reading area and is divided into 3 parts, if the detachable coupon is counted at the bottom.

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Tax power is found in Part 2 of the certificate of registration with the connotation P.6. This box is located exactly in the middle and right of the grey card, just above box U.1.

Be careful, do not confuse the Pa box with the Power Horsepower DIN (CV) which is a standard reflecting the actual mechanical potential of the vehicle.

How do I know the tax power of a vehicle?

The calculation of this technical characteristic of the vehicle is strictly regulated and depends in particular on Article 62 of Law No. 98-546. To calculate this value, we must do the following equation: Pa = (CO2/45) (P/40) ^1,6.

  • P is the maximum engine power in kW
  • CO2 is the emission of carbon dioxide expressed in gr/km
  • Pa is the so-called administrative or fiscal power

It is worth noting that the resulting figure is rounded to the nearest value.

Talk to a automotive professional or contact one of the specialists in gray card design to find out how to interpret it, how to calculate its price and where to run it.

What insurance according to tax horses?

Knowing the tax power of your vehicle is essential when you have just purchased it and you have to pay for your grey card, but not only. Tax horses will also condition the price of your car insurance.

Logically, the more powerful your car will be, the more expensive you will pay for your insurance. In order not to pay the high price, but to have insurance with the best value for money with appropriate warranties and deductibles, you have a better interest in requesting several quotes. If you thought you could make your decision quickly, and finally you can’t find what you need, you can go through temporary auto insurance option.

Indeed, there are organizations that offer to cover your car for a duration of between 1 and 90 days. This will leave you all the time it takes to choose your annual car insurance. This type of insurance works in the same way as traditional insurance. The big advantage is that you can start by insuring your vehicle for a certain duration (like 15 days) and then extend it if you need it.

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As you can see, there are solutions for not having to pay car insurance at an exorbitant price, even depending on the fiscal power. So take the time to compare the offers to choose the one that really suits you.