How to inflate a pool

Are you about to buy an inflatable pool and want to anticipate the blow to know how to inflate it?

Or maybe you just received it and want to be sure not to make any nonsense by inflating it?

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Whatever case you are in, you are in the right place!

In this article, we will see the main tools used to inflate inflatable pools. Next, we will wrap the inflation process. Finally, we will see alternatives to inflate your pool without a pump.

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Without further ado…

Inflating a pool: what tools?

When inflating a pool, one of the following tools is usually used:

  • Foot pump: this is a bellow that needs to be operated with the foot. Be careful, it makes the calves work! It can be dual action, that is, it can inflate AND deflate… convenient!

  • Manual pump: the same type you would use to inflate, for example, a bike. Just like the foot pump seen earlier, the manual model below is double action.

  • The electric inflator: the fastest solution of the three, the electric inflator is very generally double action. It can run on battery, battery or power plug like the one below.

5 Steps to Inflate Your Pool

  1. Locate the inflator valve;
  2. remove the cap that protects the valve;
  3. insert the pump tip into the valve — if there is a clearance, you can use adhesive to fill it;
  4. Swell;
  5. Quickly remove the valve tip and close the cap.

How do I know if your pool is well inflated?

The surface should be smooth and not have beams. Be careful not to overinflate: you can cause a hernia and the pool deforms…

How to inflate a pool without a pump?

You don’t have a pump and don’t want to buy one? No problem!

Here are 3 video solutions to cope without inflating system:

Inflate a pool with a garbage bag

Inflating a swimming pool with a hair dryer

Inflating a pool with a vacuum cleaner

( And a brick of milk…)

What kind of inflation for which pool?

  • You can inflate mini inflatable pools by mouth or with a foot or a manual pump. If you inflate it with your breath, take breaks to avoid getting into hyperoxia;
  • For small inflatable pools, you can opt for a manual or foot inflator;
  • For large inflatable pools, it is recommended to use an electric pump.

How to deflate your pool?

It’s nice to inflate your pool, but it’s also good to know how to deflate it. Once the sunny days have passed, it’s not about leaving your pool outside!

For the deflate, just open the inflator valve and let the air escape.

You can speed up the process using the “double action” function mentioned at the beginning of the article. All you have to do is pump out the air.

If you are really in a hurry, you can suck the air with your vacuum cleaner.

Now you know everything there is to know about inflatable (and deflatable) inflatable pools.

Don’t forget to check the air level regularly and feel free to inflate if there are any needs!