How to find the original Renault car radio safety code ?

Cars of the Renault brand are usually equipped with a protection system that works by code. As a result of a battery change or the battery has been disconnected as part of the repair, it is possible that the car radio may request a PIN before it can start. There are several options that allow you to find the security code of your Renault .

Visit your Renault dealer or garage

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The car radio code of yourRenault car is usually entered on the maintenance and warranty book. It is easily found to the right of the place where it is written CAR. Indeed, if you no longer have these papers in your possession, the easiest option for you is to go directly to your dealer, your garage, the startup or on the website

You will be able to recover the car radio code in no time thanks to the grey card of the vehicle. However, it will cost you between 15 to 20 euros to finally be able to enjoy your radio. When you can afford it and are not far from your garage shop, feel free to get there. They will take everything in hand for your delight.

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Use the keys on your car radio to retrieve the precode

If you do not want to spend money to find the original Renault car radio safety code, the simplest solution is to use the keys on your car radio. This little trick will allow you to retrieve the precode that will serve you to have the code and get your radio back on. To do this, you just need to hold down the keys 1 and 6 on the display screen . Then you just have to turn on your radio and wait a few seconds before releasing the keys. Your precode should logically appear. It consists of a letter and three digits.

Disassemble the car radio from the center console of your vehicle

The car stereo precode of Renault vehicles is also marked on a label on the back of the car radio. In case you can’t recover it otherwise, all you have to do is find the ideal tool for disassembling the car radio. You can purchase the tooling kit for less than €10 for an intervention mastered. Once the code has been recovered, enter it somewhere so as not to forget it and mount your radio again. If you don’t think you can do this, it’s safer to go to your car garage to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Download the Renault Radio Code Generator app on Google Play

One of the alternatives to find the original Renault car radio safety code is to download a dedicated application. Once this application is installed, you will only have to enter your precode to generate the security code of the car radio . You can choose between two recovery methods. You need:

  • Use the memory key on AM/FM stations;
  • Use keyboard keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 to enter the precode.

Once the precode is entered, all you have to do is Long press 5 or 6 keys and wait for the beep sound. Your car radio is now ready to beused.