How to dress when you’re a V?

V morphology is one of the 4 morphologies that distinguish the body of each woman. You have a more or less strong case, but you don’t know if you have a V-shape? You are in the right place to discover all the features of the v morphology and finally find out if it fits your figure.

V morphology what is it?

If you have a V morphology also called py morphology, you have:

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  • Shoulders wider than your hips
  • Narrow hips
  • A marked or unmarked waist
  • A flat or bounced stomach
  • A small chest or a generous chest
  • Your body may be thin, medium, luscious or very luscious
  • Height small, medium or large

If you are round, then you can quite have a v morphology . I remind you that O morphology does not exist in my morphology classification, because I say it does not have to be.

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Complexes of the body in v woman

Many women with V-morphology are complex in relation to their carbide. I think this is mainly due to the image of the “perfect” body conveyed by the media that does not really correspond to a V morphology and to top it all off, v morphology is often described as a sporty morphology with a male tendency. It’s big anything! Not all V women have an athletic look and morpho v is not a male morpho .

The v-silhouette is a silhouette full of assets that you need to learn to highlight. You usually have beautiful well-defined shoulders, which is not giving to everyone. From beautiful shoulders under the clothes, it’s hot, it gives a crazy presence. And you also often have beautiful, slim legs that allow you a lot of different cuts of clothes on the lower part of your body.

V morphology the clothing to be preferred

  • The necklines that reveal one shoulder
  • Mostly V-necklines for your tops if you have a strong chest or are looking to mitigate the width of your shoulders The
  • prints, patterns or stripes on the bottom of your silhouette to wear a look on your legs
  • Side pockets on trousers at the bottom of your silhouette
  • hips Lighter/fluid materials on top of your figure
  • Flowing or thick materials on the bottom of your figure
  • Dark colours on the upper body combined with bright or bright colors on the lower body. The light colors are bright and our Attention is naturally fixed on it. Your shoulders will look smaller and your hips wider.
  • Flowing tops
  • Peplum
  • tops

  • A-line dresses
  • Straight dresses close to the body
  • Dresses that mark your waist if you have a thin or marked waist
  • Flare skirts
  • Pants/Jeans/Shorts Low rise
  • Carrot pants
  • A-line coats/jackets
  • Jackets/ straight
  • coats Cardigans

Morphology in v woman what to wear in pictures

V morphology: clothing to avoid

  • Jackets very shouldered
  • The bustiers because they accentuate the middle. Nevertheless if you are rather thin, I find that bustier can be very flattering on you.
  • Boat neckline
  • Wide horizontal stripes on the bust. Prefer thin stripes.
  • The large prints or patterns on the bust slightly attenuate your case. Prefer small prints or patterns.
  • Tight-fitting tops if you want to mitigate your
  • fit The cropped tops
  • Hooded
  • tops

  • Very voluminous down jackets
  • shoulders Skinny jeans because they increase the contrast between the narrowness of your hips and the width of your bust

Rectangle or v morphology in summary

What is V morphology or inverted triangle morphology?

V-shaped morphology refers to the shape of the external structure of a v-shaped woman. In other words, it is a thin or round v body shape. See my article, for the full definition.

What are the clothes to prefer with a v-shape shape?

Clothing that doesn’t accentuate your body too much if you’re looking to visually attenuate it a little. But also clothes that expand your hips a little visually. This is a good tip if you are looking to balance the top and bottom of your figure. Among these clothes are for example unshouldered tops with a V-neckline, Carrot pants, etc.

What are the clothes to avoid when you have a v morpho?

I do not like to give forbidden, so this is not a list of prohibited clothes here. These are only clothing suggestions to avoid, as they are a little less rewarding garments for a v silhouette. Among these clothes there are for example the very tight tops if you want to mitigate your case, the wide horizontal stripes on the bust, etc.

To go further, I invite you to discover the complete method of creating your ideal wardrobe by clicking here.

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