How to dress everything in white?

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Summer is approaching fast, the flowers spread pleasant fragrances in the air, and small birds sing from morning to evening. In short, life is beautiful.

In general, at this point of the year, we all dropped our coats, the wool sweaters have returned to the closet and most importantly, we want to wear colors suitable for the summer: colors as flamboyant and sparkling as those we see in nature when we go out.

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Only sometimes these beautiful colors are not as easy to wear as we would like, because far too complicated to combine or simply because they don’t fit us. Well, that’s when white comes into play.

White is in my opinion the ideal color for the beautiful season, although it is doing well throughout the year. It is fresh, bright and chic.

White is full of advantages and reasons why you need to fit it into your wardrobe, not only the summer one but your wardrobe all short.

Do you want to know these famous benefits? Yes, well let’s go!

First , white is a very fresh color. Not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a technical point of view. Let me explain what I mean by that. Have you ever had the opportunity to notice the difference in temperature between a white car in the sun and a black car, also stayed in the sun?

If so, you certainly agree with me when I say it is much warmer to the interior of the black car than inside the white car. Well, the same goes with clothes. You’ll get much less warm in light-colored clothes like beige or white than you’re wearing black or navy blue.

From an aesthetic point of view, it is obvious that the brightness and freshness of white combine very well with sunny summer days.

Secondly , white is a very versatile color, thanks to its neutrality. There is nothing that can not be combined with white. This color is an ideal partner for any other color. So you will no longer have to break your head trying to combine your new turquoise scarf with a suitable top. A simple white top will make your scarf stand out and highlight it.

White will make your life much easier when it comes to finding something that complements your bright summer colors well.

In addition, it can be very convenient for creating harmony in an outfit.

Let us take a concrete example. You have yellow shorts and a green scarf. Together, these colors are a horror. Separate them with a white top, and your look will be colored without hurting the eyes. The magic of white!

In general, white is a good investment. You can wear it in summer as well as in winter or autumn. White has a very advantageous timelessness.

There are years when white is more present and others where it is less, according to the fashion of the moment, but white will never end up with the label “old-fashioned”.

White is immune to fashion, it is still relevant. This is not a fashion color, which allows it to be at all times a good investment.

Our grandfather wore it, we carry it, our children will wear it.

Another great advantage of white is its multifunctional side. This is the Swiss knife in your wardrobe. You can use it to highlight a garment or place it in a centerpiece position. White can support or dominate, accentuate an accessory, a jacket or radiate on its own. It all depends on your desires of the moment.

The principle is simple, white being neutral and agreeing with everything, it will emphasize the clothes by playing the role of the “bottom”. A scarf or a beautiful cardigan will come out more on white than on darker colors unless the dark colors form an extreme contrast to the garment in question, but that is quite a theme apart.

White can, on the other hand, just as well form the main color of your outfit. For this, you just do not wear anything else over it.

The “all-in white” makes it particularly good moreover. It is not very casual so not obvious to wear every day but if you want to play the card of elegance, I advise you to try it on occasion!

All in white; very chic! Alas, all these beautiful things, without any inconvenience, it would be too good to be true!

The biggest problem with white is that it is extremely dirty…

No matter what kind of task, we’ll see it right away.

There are a thousand and one ways to succeed in staining your clothes. The bus seat may not be very clean and here you are with a task! Even some fragrances create slightly brownish spots on white clothes. So I recommend to be careful and take care to avoid chores, otherwise you will feel stupid for the rest of the day!

Another big problem is white enlarges things, unlike black that makes things thinner. If you have a bit of overweight, I advise avoiding white as this will accentuate the thing.

Before I let you test what you just read, I would just like to share with you a garment and accessory that, in white, makes really good and which, in addition to everything, are relatively easy to find!

White jeans

I am often surprised at the small number of white jeans I see for a week.

Yet this is an interesting and very classy garment!

The white belt

An investment that I do not regret in any way and that you will not regret either! The advantage of the white belt is that it allows you to break between the top and bottom.

Imagine wearing a light blue shirt and slightly darker jeans, the white belt can fit in between and make it all more dynamic and defined.

Combined with white shoes, this will give a very chic effect to your look.

If I have succeeded in arousing your interest in white but it is not good for you, I advise you to try beige or cream which happen to be good alternatives to white.

We have arrived at the end of this article.

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