How to delete audios in WhatsApp to prevent information leakage

São Paulo — In an interview with EXAME, Brian Acton, one of the founders of the WhatsAppassociation says that a special feature of Brazilians is that they like to use their voice to communicate, whether through calls via the Internet or via audio sent in the app. If you use audios, like President Jair Bolsonaro and former Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency Gustavo Bebianno, it may be important to know that voice messages can be easily erased to prevent information leakage.

The procedure for deleting a voice message is the same as for text, photo, video, or any attachments. You have two options: delete from your history or cancel sending the message after receiving a reply from the other person or group.

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To delete a Voice message, whether on Android or iPhone, simply select the message by tapping it for just over a second and tap the Trash icon that appears at the top of the app interface. Here you will find the options to remove for yourself or for everyone. In the second case, your message is canceled and adds to your history as well as the recipient’s history.

How can WhatsApp messages leak? Application encryption is its main strength. Only people who write and those who receive can see the content of the messages. Even WhatsApp does not have access to data that goes through its fully encrypted servers. Privacy has always been the main promise of WhatsApp founders and is still maintained today by Facebook.

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For a voice message exchanged with a friend to flee, the simplest and most common is simply to pass it to another person, who transmits it to others. In this way, it is very simple to lose control of the information and it can end up in the hands of those who shouldn’t.

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How to record an audio message in WhatsApp

On the Android smartphone, you can recover the file and extract it from WhatsApp. To do this, follow these steps: open the Files app; search for the WhatsApp keyword; open the folder and enter the Media option; and ready, they will be there.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the format of file is not conventional, called opus. Free online converters can leave you quickly in MP3. Or you can listen to them with the VLC application, which runs most popular media formats.