How to classify your photos in Google Photos?

How to sort your photos on Google Photos?

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We take hundreds or even thousands of photos a year, photos of our holidays, our children, our dishes! Do you not find yourself there when you need to find one? Maybe it’s time to do the sorting! Learn how to do it with the Google Photos app.

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Download the Google Photos app

Google Photos is an app to back up your photos. Free and without storage limits, Google Photos is installed natively on CROSSCALL phones. If this is not the case, you will need to download the app from the Play Store if you are on Android and on the App Store if you are on IOS.

Create files by thematic

  1. Open the Google Photos app
  2. Click the app’s Album icon
  3. Click New Album
  4. Choose the title of your album and select the photos you want to put in it

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Free up storage space

In order to avoid finding yourself in the situation where you need to free up space while you are about to take your most beautiful shot, anticipate! Free up space by deleting all copies stored locally.

  1. Click the Menu icon (top left of your screen)
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Free Storage
  4. Confirm deletion of items by pressing Free xx MB of space

Note that once you have freed up space, your photos will only be visible from the Google Photos app, thanks to an Internet connection.

Now that you’ve sorted everything well, check out our tips for making beautiful photos with your smartphone. Article to discover here!

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