How to choose the color of his kitchen?

The kitchen is among the centerpieces of the house. A place of conviviality and service, it must be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Its creation or renovation consists in determining the ideal configuration as well as the color suitable for walls and furniture, depending on the desired ambience.

What color for furniture and walls in the kitchen?

Here are some colors for a warm and friendly kitchen :

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  • The white

With white painted walls (giving an impression of space), the kitchen looks bigger. However, it is advisable to play on the effects of material and texture (milky white for glossy furniture, lacquered for stained furniture, etc.) in order to avoid a monotonous rendering. The same applies to contrasts obtained by adding elements such as chairs, tables or shelves in black or in another shade. Regarding white kitchen furniture, it is possible to emphasize them by painting the walls in any other color .

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White, in addition to enlarging a room, is a safe value when it comes to decorating — Aviva

  • Passion Red

Trendy, it immerses the room in a contemporary atmosphere. It can be accompanied by black (for tiled parts or on a wall) or gray shades such as anthracite, slate and steel. If the furniture is metallic (giving a futuristic effect), it is worth painting the wall in red, orange, or sunflower yellow. As for wooden kitchen furniture, a harmonized tone highlights them. If it is a dark (rustic) wood, it is better to opt for a cream beige wall and beige tile. In case the furniture is made of light wood (minimalist Scandinavian design), restrained and elegant colors are recommended, knowing that chocolate shades, coffee with milk, sand or taupe shades make it possible to create a natural and soft mood.

How to marry colors in the kitchen? Red blends perfectly with grey and black in a timeless and elegant atmosphere — Lapeyre

While matching colors is trendy, some blends offer disappointing results. In order to remedy this, here are some effective tips:

  • Avoid mixing more than three colors

From four colors, the mixture gives a confused or draft effect. For a harmonious look, it is worth stopping in three shades, giving preference to camaieux so as not to be mistaken (pale pink with raspberry or a touch of fuchsia).

  • Marry only natural hues

From natural elements (such as linen, rope, string or wood), some shades are particularly matched with bright shades (red, blue, etc.). If a wooden kitchen is ideal in chocolate turquoise blue, the gray pearl red highlights the furniture elements and the combination of anise green with raspberry gives a punchy effect. Paradoxically, it is not recommended to associate colors such as green and red, purple and yellow or blue and orange, with a low balanced rendering.

  • Dare to associate on other elements

In addition to walls, elements such as the door, ceiling, woodwork or skirting boards can be painted in mixed tones. It is enough to find the right shade to achieve the desired effect.

The pink of the storage unit adds a touch of softness to the room — Purpose

  • Use a color circle

A basic indicator in the shape of a wheel (similar to a rainbow), it allows you to create color associations in harmony (navy blue, sky or gray) or diametrically opposite (orange and blue). Easy to use, this tool represents primary, secondary and tertiary colors, and is used to choose the ideal tone of the kitchen according to the desired mood.

  • Take into account the configuration of the room

Brightness, ceiling height or depth of the room should be taken into account when choosing the color of the kitchen. If the latter is narrow enough, light tones are preferable to optimize space through an optical illusion. Namely, the contrast between a warm and cold color makes it friendly and warm, a bright shade brings depth as well as cheerfulness, and a dark wall decreases the height of the ceiling. In case of hesitation, it is advisable to bet on the black and white duo which is a safe, graphic and timeless value. For a harmonious rendering, the color of the walls should also match the color of the furniture. Thus, a kitchen furnished in red is highlighted by touches of black, gray or white, with lacquered or metallic finishes giving a vintage atmosphere. In order to illuminate the whole, a light floor and ceiling are recommended. For a kitchen equipped with light wood furniture, the combination of chocolate shades gives a minimalist effect while white reinforces the natural and bright side. As for dark wood furniture, they match better with light tones such as beige or cream. To finish, simply adapt the rest of the elements such as the floor or the splashback to the decor of the room. Even if the Colors determine the mood, influence the mood and act on the volume of the kitchen, it is advisable to opt for a decoration that harmonizes with the rest of the interior.

Trendy kitchen colors

Delicate task, choosing the color of the kitchen requires reflection. For a successful decoration of the room, it is worth adhering to the general rules as follows:

  • do not mix four or more different colors ;
  • consider the camaieu and contrast;
  • give preference to colors of the same shade ;
  • Avoid combining intense and spiny tones.

Here are some trendy kitchen colors:

  • the marriage of light blue and white : fresh and pleasant, it is relaxing and little weighing;

Mairing blue and white is soothing and restful — Little Greene

  • mint color: in vogue and design, it harmonizes with white, even black;

The green in all its variations, very fashionable, blends perfectly with white — Ixina

  • Orange : lively and invigorating, it stimulates creativity, energy and joy and can be combined with white, black or gray (for a stylish and modern kitchen).

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