How to charge a scooter /motorcycle battery

Are you on a motorcycle or scooter and would like to know how to effectively recharge a scooter battery? Here are some clues and tips to guide you, For motorcycles as for scooters, with a charger and jugeote, each has the ability to recharge his battery. Whatever models or plates your motor vehicles depend on, there are concrete answers to the breakdown of your batteries.

Maintenance: essential for a scooter /motorcycle battery

The battery of a motorcycle is one of the essential elements that ensure the correct operation of the vehicle. To start without any problems and know or recognize exactly what happens when your engine no longer reacts, follow the guide.

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Are you facing a breakdown and the battery is visibly flat? First of all, it is important to target the reason for the breakdown. Potential causes of a discharged battery can be:

  • Irregular maintenance of the scooter or motorcycle
  • Too infrequent vehicle use or a prolonged period spent in the cold
  • Proven deterioration of the battery — in which case you will need to change it and not recharge it.

Taking care of your vehicle and performing frequent checks is the guarantee, if not the best way, to ride serene. Remember, the smart driver will be the one who will get away with a little hand to the dough with minimal maintenance!

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Manage Scooter/Motorcycle Battery Failure with a Charger

With a charger, you get to everything on a scooter or motorcycle whose battery is flat. The charger must be adapted to your vehicle model. It is important to know that a car charger is not suitable. Indeed, the current that is delivered is too large in intensity. Do not risk anything and do not use “randomly” hardware , at the risk of damaging the system of your scooter or motorcycle.

The ideal for a scooter or motorcycle is a charger that is able to charge maximum to tenth of the total capacity of the battery.

In any case, read the instructions for use of your electric charger carefully, and provide yourself with the appropriate tools. For this simple operation, you will need flat keys, hex keys and a Phillips screwdriver.

Troubleshooting and charging motorcycle battery: the steps

How to charge your scooter /motorcycle battery?

Here are all the detailed steps for you:

  • Disconnect the battery from your motorcycle. The terminal — must be disconnected first, then the . If you are facing a battery that charges directly on the motorcycle, there is no need to unplug the terminal.
  • Your battery is a lead acid battery: remove the plugs to avoid the overpressure and allow the gases to escape.
  • Connect the charger terminal (red) to your vehicle’s battery terminal .
  • Connect the terminal — from the charger to the terminal — of your motorcycle/scooter battery.
  • Plug in the charger and let the battery charge.
  • Disconnect the electric charger, THEN the connectors, starting with negative polarity and ending with positive polarity.
  • Replace the battery on your motorcycle if you have dismantled

Precaution: Make sure you have disconnected the charger before removing the connectors (or clamps). Otherwise, there may be a spark of current breakage. This is not to be taken lightly because it can easily cause an explosion.

The Precautions are not the same depending on whether the battery is lithium or leaded.

Maintaining your motorcycle battery in winter

Why is it important?

It is important not to neglect the maintenance of the battery of your motorcycle during the winter, or have unpleasant surprises when starting. A long immobilization, short journeys or too much cold affect a large loss of battery charge. This can go up to the total discharge and the battery will then be completely flat.

Note: in 3 to 5 months, a battery can discharge by 50%, depending on the type of battery. In addition, in cold times, a battery can lose 1% of its charge in 2°C below 20°C, so it is necessary to manage the maintenance of the motorcycle and check its condition so as not to be stuck by the foreseeable breakdown.

Did you know that? Some chargers allow Charging Maintenance: This means you can quietly leave your charger plugged in all winter, without risk. To find out if your battery is 100% charged, refer to the user manual, which will tell you the expected voltage when the battery is full. Generally speaking, a full motorcycle battery will indicate a voltage of 12.6 Volt.

How to ensure that the battery does not discharge?

Logically, it is winter that your motorcycle will be the least used. To be able to enjoy it from the return of sunny days in spring, we give you some useful tips. Yes, during wintering, some measures can prevent the battery of your motorcycle or scooter from unloading too much.

First of all, you can disconnect your battery and store it , in a dry and flat place, but most importantly, not too cold. But before storing it, check and correct the levels if your battery is conventional (lead). Indeed, the acid level check (mini and maxi benchmarks) is done with distilled water.

Recharge your battery before you store it for a few months. If you do not recharge it can quickly sulphate, deteriorate and be damaged.

Good to know : Not all batteries require maintenance and intervention: check your battery model before you store it.

The test to check the status of his scooter /motorcycle battery

Batteries are easily tested. You can perform these tests before wintering your scooter or motorcycle, in the middle of wintering and just before you get out of your bike. These three tests allow you to have good visibility into the evolution of your battery status and the potential impact of external conditions (cold, frost, etc.)

How to test his motorcycle battery in just a few steps

  • Switch on and see if the lights turn on
  • The lights do not turn on: the battery is probably HS
  • Lights turn on: battery still has charge
  • Trying to boot: if nothing happens, it is because the battery does not have sufficient charge or is empty.

Identify the cause and problem

To be sure to know the origin of the elimination malfunction, you will have to follow several steps.

  • Disassemble the battery of your motorcycle
  • Check that the battery and its housing are not damaged, cracked or damaged.
  • If your battery runs on acid, you will need to check the level of the liquid and complete if needed. Complement is done only with distilled water or demineralized water. You will find these specific products in hardware stores and large DIY stores.
  • If your battery is called “maintenance-free”, you should not open it under any circumstances.
  • Check that the lugs are not oxidized or covered with any material that may prevent the proper conductivity of electricity, brush and grease them to slow down a new deposit.
  • Do you want to go further? You can test your battery with an acid scale, which will tell you if there is a short circuit in your battery or if it is faulty.
  • Finally, simply, if you have a Voltmeter or multimeter, test your scooter or motorcycle battery. The position to choose is that of “current continuous”. The voltage is then measured between the terminals of the battery. Thus, as mentioned above, a voltage of 12.5 to 13 Volt will be the indicator of a properly charged battery.
  • Warning: below 11 Volt, the battery will need to be replaced. Above 13 Volt there is overload.

Tip! To charge your motorcycle or scooter battery, you can resort to a smart charger, which will charge the battery gently by calculating exactly the charging power based on the battery capacity.

Changing your motorcycle or scooter battery

Your battery is out of service despite your precautions? No problem, we explain how to change it :

  • Disconnect terminals (first — then ) and disassemble the battery
  • Charge the new battery
  • Plug in the then the — tightening enough
  • Test: put the ignition, check the lights, start. Be patient if your motorcycle has been immobilized for a while, the time gasoline reaches the engine
  • Bring the old battery to the waste: no wild rejection, the batteries contain toxic, harmful and polluting products.
  • To handle a battery, protect yourself from acid splashes and wear gloves and glasses. Be careful not to be in the presence of any object that can cause a spark.

Many battery models are available: gel battery, lithium battery, maintenance-free, anti-sulphate battery, etc.). Enquire before choosing your new battery.

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