How to calculate the rate for a baby sitter?

Need a baby sitter to keep your children? What is the hourly rate of babysitting for a child or several children? A baby sitter can claim a salary if the baby sitting is daily on weekdays and regular. We explain everything about the calculation of the rate for keeping your children with a baby sitter.

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  • Childcare: finding your baby sitter
  • What price for the baby sitter of your children?
  • The services of a baby sitter
  • Calculation of the salary of a baby sitter
    • The elements to take into account in your salary calculation
    • Baby sitter salary: package or hourly rate?
  • Are there any helpers for baby sitting?
    • The CMG and the tax credit
  • How much does a babysitter cost?

Child care: finding your baby sitter

All parents at some point need to blow a bit by resorting to baby sitting. To do this, it is important to make an announcement in order to give yourself every chance to find a trusted baby sitter.

Do you know a neighbor, student or friend who is available for occasional babysitting with children? Depending on the nature of the baby sitting, the babysitting time and the regularity of the baby sitting, it may be wise to propose a tariff that can constitute a real salary for the baby sitter.

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What price for your children’s babysitter?

In France, the baby sitting rate is often based on the SMIC hourly, regardless of the baby sitting time. However, of course, it is necessary to take into account various parameters:

  • The number of children in baby sitting;
  • The region (supply and demand);
  • The nature of the services requested
  • ; The baby sitter experience.

If your baby sitter is more like home staff who perform various activities, it is important to consider their services as a real job. A contract must be drawn up on a minimum basis of SMIC hourly , and a salary must be paid monthly to your baby sitter.

The services of a baby sitter

A baby sitter can offer various services. The calculation of your child care rate will not be the same according to these services:

  • Custody of children;
  • To pick up the children from school;
  • Supervision of the duties of children;
  • Proposal and supervision of activities and games with children;
  • Preparation of the meal;
  • Give children’s bath;
  • Children’s bedtime;

Based on these services and qualification or experience of the baby sitter, parents will have to offer an adequate price . Having said that, if you had to recruit and hire a nanny or babysitter for regular hours, how do you calculate her salary? The answer below.

Calculating the salary of a baby sitter

What costs should be taken into account when calculating the salary of a baby sitter? This is a question that calls for several answers. The calculation criteria vary depending on whether you decide to take into account a package or an hourly rate .

In 2020, the minimum hourly rate for a babysitter is 10.15 euros per hour (gross). It is advisable to determine the price range you can count in your rate to pay your baby sitter with a suitable salary. Depending on the minimum and maximum proposed, you will find various benefits.

What to Consider in Your Salary Calculation

When you are going to have to calculate the salary of your baby sitter, you will need to count all the following parameters:

  • Salary according to the hourly rate decided;
  • Additional costs: transport, meals, etc.
  • Complementary services, including homework assistance.

Consider also a potential deduction of benefits in kind. Good to know: for a young babysitter with no experience, the remuneration can be 80% of the SMIC.

Babysitter salary: package or hourly rate?

From this rate, you together determine whether a package or an hourly rate is appropriate.

In general, the hourly rate is applied when the benefits are short, but regular. Example : 2 hours of baby sitting, 4 days a week.

The package system will be applied if a benefit is irregular and you have a specific budget of planned over a given period. Example : school holidays, full day, whole evening.

Remember that some occasions may be charged at a higher rate, due to the request for baby sitting. Thus, a day back to school , Valentine’s Day or New Year are dates that they are better to anticipate.

Are there any helpers for baby sitting?

You have found your baby sitter or nanny and you intend to use her services regularly? Aid is possible. The steps are interesting to take when you are assured of a need for regularity in the baby sitting of your children.

For occasional babysitting, it can be much harder to get helpers, but you can always try the steps, especially if you have only low incomes .

The CMG and the tax credit

Depending on the amount of your income, you may be entitled to assistance like CMG (free choice of care supplement) . Apply to the CAF and register with the PAJE if so.

In terms of assistance, you can claim a tax credit, since baby sitting falls into the category of personal services. Please also ask your regional council as some aid is only regional.

Your helpers will not be the same depending on the rate applied: remember to do your calculation when offering your salary range to the nanny or babysitter.

How much does a babysitter cost?

Like many parents, certain obligations or activities sometimes require you to get out of your home without your children. Because of this, you need someone to keep them and monitor them. And when the family is not available, parents like their children to be supervised by a competent person, who knows his profession. Be aware that depending on where you live, the salary requested by the person who will take care of your children for the time of a few differs. The salary is not the same in Paris as in a village in the south of France, for example. But to find professional and well-groomed people, you can do this search directly on the internet.

You will then discover the profiles of the people available and you can make your choice, depending on the personality put forward but also the advertised rate. You can leave your home with peace of mind, because certain that your children are between good hands and that they will be well managed by someone who is used to keeping them and who potentially has experience with children. You will get all the necessary information directly on the website to make an idea.