How to become a wedding planner without training?

Are you very interested in the business of Wedding Planner? Wondering what to do to become a wedding organizer? Of course, if you have arrived so far it is probably that you are looking to know how to become a Wedding Planner without training and without a diploma.

You may have understood by reading the headlines that my article will not help you and maybe you are disappointed. Before closing this page, looking for a site that can help you become a wedding planner without training and without diploma, do me a favor: give me the benefit of the doubt, I am sure I will teach you something and that you will be happy to have finished reading this article!

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Is training in the trade of Wedding Planner/Designer essential?

The job of ‘Wedding Planner/Designer’ is not improvised. Indeed, by definition, the professions of ‘Wedding Planner’ and ‘Wedding Designer’, are consulting and consulting professions. It consists in providing its clients with his professional expertise and knowledge.

Training to be consistent in the face of the bride and groom

A number of people believe that having organized one’s own marriage is enough to carry out this activity. In this case, the very interest of the profession is questioned. To think that it is not useful to be trained and to justify a minimum of professional skills to be ‘Wedding Planner/Designer’ but that it is essential, for future newlyweds, to call on a professional is a totally paradoxical reasoning:

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  • Either you adhere to the very principle of the profession and admit that a number of professional knowledge and skills are essential to organize a wedding
  • Or you feel that anyone can organize a wedding, but in this case, offer organizational services to future bride and groom would be inconsistent: themselves could do it!

Indeed, it will already be difficult to get your first customers to trust you when starting the business. But if you can’t justify a ‘Wedding Planner/Designer’ training or professional skills; it will be difficult to argue about your usefulness, with customers who may be more experienced than you! 😉

A Wedding Planner/Designer Training Essential to Succeed

Being ‘Wedding Planner/Designer’ means being aware that organizing and decorating a wedding is not ‘simple’, that it requires a minimum of knowledge and professional skills.

As a result, a ‘Wedding Planner/Designer’ training seems essential because:

  • it will allow you to acquire knowledge essential to the proper functioning of your business
  • and

  • will allow you to remain consistent with your business and your clients by showing them that organizing a wedding is not improvised, the proof: you have been trained to do so!

Indispensable Wedding Planner/Designer training and certification for newcomers to the market

Old agencies

Since the profession is young, training is also young. How to explain that the oldest agencies, having started without training ‘Wedding Planner/Designer’, have success?

You will notice that most of the few agencies operating since 2003-2006 are run by ‘Wedding Planners/Designers’ often highly qualified (business school, etc.,…), with previous professional experience of more than 10 years in marketing or event communication, and having completed training ‘Wedding Planner/ Designer’ Over-Atlantic (USA, Canada,…).

Agencies launched between 2003 and 2006 are rare in the market. What happened to the many agencies launched in the same period?

The newcomers

The job is young but more of the whole new. The existence of numerous agencies on the market and specialized schools, such as the International Wedding Institute, make certification indispensable for newcomers to the market if they want to be able to find their place there.

Indeed, today the trainings ‘Wedding Planners/Designers’ exist in France. Be aware that the bride and groom knows this and that there will be more and more certified ‘Wedding Planners/Designers’ on the market…

How and where to train?

If you were asking yourself the question of “how to become a wedding planner and/or wedding designer without training and without diploma”, it may be because you don’t know a school or because the training seems inaccessible to you.

The IWI is a specialized school that trains the profession of Wedding Planner. The certifying training will bring you all the knowledge and skills necessary for the exercise of the trade.

Take a Wedding Planner training without moving to the center

You live far from a training center. And for personal, family or financial reasons, travelling is not possible. Why not take your e-Learning training? The IWI offers the only complete Wedding Planner/Designer e-Learning Training Program! Find out.

Why invest in training?

Finally, perhaps the reason that prevents you from taking training is financial in nature. Do you know that there are opportunities for funding assistance? Find out here.


your situation not allow you to access funding assistance? Think of a loan or crowfunding (crowdfunding) !

If you can’t afford a training at all, keep in mind that getting on your account to be a Wedding Planner/Designer, will require a minimum of funding, otherwise it will be difficult to get started. If you are not able to finance training, how will you fund your project?

You have planned a certain amount of funding. And do you prefer to invest everything in the construction of the project rather than in training? Think carefully! This article has undoubtedly allowed you to understand that training is an investment that will value the success of your project. The knowledge gained will allow you to build a coherent project with a greater chance of success. But also, the obtained certification will give you more legitimacy with the future bride and groom.

Always decided to launch without formation?