How to be fashionable when wearing a snood ?

The snood is a scarf in the form of a tube. We put it on the neck to protect yourself from the cold. It can also be mounted on the head like a hob to cover the hair. It is a very trendy fashion accessory. And it is essential to have at least one in your dressing room for the winter.

The snood is a mixed accessory, because it is suitable for both men and women. It is usually made of wool, but there are also cashmere or silk snoods. There are even tube scarves made from plastics such as acrylic. Everyone has the right to choose according to his tastes and especially his budget. But how to be fashionable when wearing a snood?

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A woman can be stylish with a snood

The snood makes it possible to bring a touch of originality and style to its look. To do this, it is necessary to pay attention to how to wear it. It can be tied in several ways. You have, for example, the possibility to wrap it two to three times on the neck. It’s very trendy and the more wrapped, the warmer it warms up. Nothing also prevents you from wearing it like a long necklace.

What is important is to choose the right color of your snood. For women, this accessory comes in several colors and models. Matching your snood scarf with the color of the outfits you wear can make all the difference when it comes to fashion. That said, we have to find the model that suits his needs.

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In winter, to face the cold, the women’s snood is worn very well with a coat. It is very fashionable and it gives a very stylish look. Wool snoods with large knit are best to perfect this style and to be warm.

When it is less cold, the snood scarf goes very well with a light sweater. This time, cashmere ones made of lightweight mesh are to adopt. We’ll stay stylish and we will be warmed up, but not too much.

A man can also be fashionable by putting on a snood

Men can also wear snoods to add originality to their outfit. Men’s snoods are usually solid or composed of up to two colors. Wearing a tube scarf with a blazer gives a very chic look.

To protect yourself from the cold, it can also be put on with a coat. You can also wear it only with a shirt. For a more casual, but always fashionable look, the snood can be put on top of a sweater or tee-shirt.