How to arrange your home storefront ?

An exterior home entrance can be enhanced in a variety of ways. IF you are lucky enough to have an entrance that doesn’t look directly on the street, then follow our tips and discover many ways to beautify your home storefront.


of all, your home storefront, or its exterior entrance, is the first element you see when you arrive at your home. It is therefore important to choose ingenious design ideas from an aesthetic and practical point of view First .

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All the space between street access and the landing is therefore to be filled and embellished. This outdoor space is a place of passage that must be able to withstand in time, both its use and the bad weather. The choice of materials will be important to ensure the sustainability of your aisle or space layout. Facing the space you have, you can choose to make an aisle, or a whole flowerbed of uniform and aesthetic material .

You will need to determine the layout, design, width of the space you want to arrange. As an indication, a width of 1.20 metres is recommended for an aisle. This width leaves enough space to pass through and allows many possibilities of furnishing with all kinds of aesthetic materials.

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Depending on the type of aisle and passage, it will be important to determine whether will be primary or secondary . For example, Japanese steps are to be reserved for a secondary crossing.

What options are available to you and what are the trends in decorating and landscaping outdoor space? We tell you everything!

Set up a driveway or open space

For your layout and exterior decoration, here are some trendy landscaping paths that can help you in your choice.

  • For your driveway or space, first choose non-slip material : brick, cement, concrete, stone or non-smooth imitation stone, etc.
  • For a sloping passage, you can opt for a low-slope staircase ;
  • For a traditional driveway, think of an outdoor material as slabs designed for this kind of layout;
  • If you have a wider space, why not opt for a stone carpet? This coating is simple to lay and very aesthetic;
  • Driveway or wider space, you can then place plants around to create a true welcoming atmosphere;

It will be important that the coating is externally adapted and textured, to avoid any misuse.

Natural Landscaping

Indulge yourself in your home storefront: this is a place of passage that you will take every day and that will reflect your personality. Feel free to create a real landscaping in your image, with plantations that evolve according to the seasons , all in color and foliage.

This landscape structure can be done around your brick paving, imitation stone, tiles or cement slabs. Remember: prefer theuse of sand rather than salt, which may displease yourplantations.