How old for video games?

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When you are a dad we often look forward to children growing up in order to be able to share the joys of video games. So what may arise: from what age can children play video games?

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There is no absolute answer for three reasons: — It depends largely on the maturity of the child — When talking about video games you must take into account the “touch” games on smartphones and tablets — There are now as many games dedicated to children as for adults

  • Games on Tablets & Smartphones for 1 year

The joys of tactile means that younger children can learn to manipulate, interact, build and develop their reflex. Games like Pango Playground are typically made for “babies” these are simple interactive boards on which small cabbages can press just about anywhere to animate the screen.

From 2 years old, there are the Lego Duplo games that are really excellent. They tell small stories where the child has to look for a few small items on the screen in order to advance the characters…

After the little interactive stories, your kids won’t really be able to do much in terms of “games” but let them grow…

  • Controller games for 4 years

I passed a controller to my son for the first time from 4 years old. It was on the Wii (without the nunchuck), he played Rabbits Games or Mario Kart games of simple appearance that does not require too much manipulation. Indeed, it is not necessary to dream too much, the real pleasure of games with your child will come when he has developed his dexterity. With school, but also through your different games (puzzle, drawing, playmobil, lego, building games) your child will better and better manipulate his coordination with the controller.

  • Real challenge from 6 years

It was finally from the age of 5 that my son began to surprise me by understanding the mechanics, the combo, the consequences of the actions. It is on games like Disney Infinity or more generally all Lego video games that he has developed real abilities that deserve my interest.

If I can make an aside on Lego games, these are actually made to be played together, together and all integrated into worlds that the child likes or will learn to love 😉 These games are rather well made and very simple to take in hand (usually have to break everything to retrieve coins), I take a real pleasure with my son and I advise you greatly.

  • Attention to Addiction

I can’t talk about video games and kids without talking about addiction. Indeed, the attractiveness and the fun are such that children regularly want to play their favorite games, sometimes with a little too much insistence… It must be said that it is a pleasure for them to see themselves moving forward but also to see their dad have fun fully in cooperation and not more in learning mode (intellectual equal footing). So, I allow myself to warn you by limiting the play time of your cherubim to a maximum half hour (1 or 2 finished levels so as not to frustrate)…

Conversely, the “private” video games also becomes a new very effective threat if they are not wise 😀

And you dear dads, what are you playing with your children?

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