How much for a wine of honor?

My dear brides, to complete last week’s article: drinks: quantities for a wine of honor, I propose this week an article that details the amount of food to be served to make a wine of honor at the top without leaving your guests on their hunger!

To organize your wine of honor, it is not enough to plan drinks, it is also necessary to calculate the right amount of food you are going to offer.

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Organizing your wine of honor requires good preparation upstream. You need to know the number of guests, plan the duration of the cocktail and its place, imagine some entertainment, and know what to serve your guests.

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When you think wine of honor, we often think drinks but the food you are going to offer also has all its importance. So do not neglect this point!

Even with a small budget, it is possible to serve anything other than only chips and peanuts (which I advise against doing by the way!). You can, for example, if you feel the courage of it, prepare yourself, in part, the wine of honor. Or call on a large area caterer (Carrefour, Leclerc, Flunch…) who offers a varied choice (and good!) of appetizers for an aperitif.

The amount of food you will plan for the cocktail depends largely on the length of your wine of honor but also on the meal envisaged for the evening.

The longer your wine of honor (however, do not exceed 3 hours to prevent your guests from being bored), the more pieces will have to be offered per guest. It makes sense!

  • If your aperitif lasts only one hour, plan about 8 pieces per person.
  • For a wine of honor lasting 2 hours (this is the most common), there are between 10 and 12 pieces per person.
  • If it is a long cocktail of about 3 hours, it will be necessary to propose about 15 pieces per person.

If you choose to offer your guests a very complete meal (starter, meat dish, fish dish, cheese, dessert) and served at the table, reduce the amount of appetizers for the cocktail. But, if on the contrary, your wine of honor also acts as an entrance, then increase the amount of room per person.

Remember to vary the dishes you offer. If you prepare it yourself, you can compose your wine of honor as follows:

Example for a standard appetizer lasting 2 hours, followed by a typical meal (starter, main course, cheese, dessert).

  • 2 different glasses per person
  • 2 x cold meats toast
  • 4 different sofas (cold)
  • 4 different small (hot) ovens

If you use a caterer, he will be able to advise you on the quantities and appetizers to serve.

In addition to these appetizers, you can also add:

  • A vegetable bar at guests’ disposal. These are different raw vegetables: carrots, cauliflowers, cherry tomatoes, radish, zucchini, accompanied by different sauces. It is always very appreciated in summer!
  • And for the winter, a soup bar is often welcome!

Organize your wine of honor with a little originality:

  • Get planchas and cook duck aiillettes in front of your guests or grill chicken fins on the barbecue.
  • Prepare a refreshing fruit salad.
  • Offer a tour of the world of flavors: sushi, nem, samoussa, popcorn, tapas, skewer, etc.)
  • Rent a food-truck. More and more popular for weddings, the food-truck will sensation with your guests!

And to finish

Now that you are at the top on the amusement mouths to serve for your wine of honor, I propose you to consult this article to find out all about the drinks to offer for your cocktail: drinks: quantities for a wine of honor

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And you, future bride, what have you planned for your wine of honor? Are you going to organize it alone or with the help of a caterer? And what are you going to serve to your guests? Especially do not hesitate to leave a little comment below to tell us about your choices. It will help many bridle tobe!