How much does it cost to rent a mobile home year-round?

There is no standard amount to pay to rent a mobile home for a year. The price will depend on the region where you want to settle. The price will also depend on the status of the mobile home. Is it a temporary residence or habitat?

What does the law say?

According to the laws in force in France, mobile home cannot be a permanent residence. This type of accommodation should only be used for holidays. But, in fact, many municipalities accept that mobile homes are busy all year round. Because, because of the shortage of housing, this type of residence is sometimes the only space available. If your mobile home is only used during the summer, you will only have to pay for the stay. On the other hand, if it is your accommodation main thing, you will also have to pay the housing tax.

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How to set up a mobile home?

First of all, the mobile home can not be placed anywhere. It is supposed to occupy a location within a recreation center. Its installation requires a building permit only if its area exceeds 40 square meters. Owners must not occupy more than 30% of the land rented to implement their temporary housing. The lease agreement is concluded for one year. Generally, it is renewable automatically. For the rental of a mobile home at campsite oleron, as elsewhere in France, it is better to prefer owners who have signed the charter of transparency governing relations between landlords and tenants.

How many people can live in a mobile home?

It all depends on its area. In some campsites in Europe, a maximum number of inhabitants is set in the lease. An owner may be able to rent a mobile home, but he must have the permission of the natural or legal person who leases him space.

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