How much does an undeclared nanny cost?

When you have children, the choice is quickly necessary: to have your children taken care of by a nanny, by declaring her or by not declaring her. What are the pros and cons of not declaring a nanny? You are told everything about the price of an undeclared nanny.

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  • Unreported nanny: what it means
    • Black nanny: practical reasons above all The ease of
  • the undeclared nanny: caution danger
  • Why choose to declare her nanny
    • The CMG’s aid
    • Le Pajemploi and simplified approaches
    • And security?
    • No training for an unlicensed nursery assistant Registered
  • nanny: the responsible choice of parents
  • The various reasons that encourage dark child care

Unreported nanny: what it means

When we decide to care for their children, the costs that are incurred are significant. The nanny must be able to pay a salary with the hours of care of your child or children.

The cost of a nanny can range from single to double or more, depending on whether you declare your nanny or not. The choice of childcare plays a great deal on cost, and that’s why some parents choose not to declare their nanny. However, it is important to know that this choice involves risks .

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Black nanny: practical reasons above all

Beyond the economic factor, if parents consciously choose not to declare their nanny in the eyes of the state, it is for the practical side. No steps to do, no fees, no papers to fill in (taxes, URSSAF, social security charges, etc.)

We all know, when you are parent-employer and when a registered nanny is used for her children (registered nursery assistant), at first glance, the cost of costs is significantly higher .

And yet, the system in France makes it possible to support childcare, depending on the income of the parents of the child. With Pajemploi and the CAF CMG (free choice of childcare supplement), parents can receive a significant amount of aid.

The ease of the undeclared nanny: attention danger

Choosing ease can have advantages, but today you need to know that if anything happens to your child or your children, you risk problems . Moreover, the nanny or maternal assistant who accepts work in the dark does not contribute to her retirement.

These choices are therefore direct endangers, both to the health and safety of employment, social and administrative aspects. “Hiring” a nanny without making an official statement means that, at the slightest problem, the nanny can lose her job without any compensation or compensation. The employer-employee relationship is therefore distorted and dangerous.

Today, in France, the system is made in such a way that both parties wishing to manage childcare are protected. The nanny is protected by a contract , the employer is also protected.

Why choose to declare your nanny

As we saw, the price of a black nanny can be advantageous in appearance. You will pay between 2 euros and 4 euros per hour for a service of which you do not know the quality. A great saving can be made, of course, especially if you are sure you are not entitled to the CMG.

That said, in terms of security administrative or for your children, this is certainly not the recommended choice , as it is illegal to employ people without declaring them.

CMG aids

Remember: if your income is low, you will have the maximum help with the CMG (free choice of care mode supplement.

Your nanny is not registered if she is not registered. It also means that if you do not know her, you have no assurance that the nanny has received the necessary training to take care of your child or children properly.

Pajemploi and simplified approaches

Use the Pajemploi system and let yourself be guided by the very simple instructions. To your surprise, having your child or children cared for by a registered nanny or a licensed kindergarten assistant can be less expensive than employing them at black, without safe approval.

Choosing to declare your nanny helps to guard against many worries , even if at first glance, it seems to represent a mountain of papers to fill in. The procedures are now simplified for parents who wish to declare a nanny to care for their children.

The monthly amount is simple to report and often licensed nursery assistants have ready-made paysheets to make it easier for parents.

And security?

In terms of safety and insurance, your registered nursery assistant or nanny will be covered in the event of an accident at work. Your insurance can play if you employ a nanny at home. Thus, you do not take any risks at the legal level.

In addition, you should know that if your nanny degrades property in your home, insurance can play here too, including in case of an accident of your child or children.

No training for an unlicensed kindergarten assistant

So inquire long before making a choice that can penalize you, penalize the nanny or your child. The undeclared nanny did not receive the same training as a licensed kindergarten assistant, otherwise she would claim a more correct salary.

In short, it is not helping someone to encourage the black work system, which is reprehensible by law.

Registered nanny: the responsible choice of parents

As parents, do not lose sight of that you need to set an example to your children for the future. Unnecessary risk-taking is damaging.

Parents who decide not to take the employer posture risk fines and conviction , even if they wish to help a person minor in need of money, for example. Better declare your baby sitter and stay in the rules.

The various reasons that encourage dark child care

Here are the various reasons why a person should not be declared as a nanny:

  • Not to be major;
  • Fear of losing unemployment benefits
  • Not wanting to lose social assistance during parental leave;
  • Be undocumented;
  • Having lost her nanny’s pleasure;
  • Wanting to round the end of months without declaring income to taxes.

Be vigilant about your choice of mode of care!