How much does a botox injection cost?

One of the most commonly requested procedures to combat wrinkles, botox injection is an aesthetic medicine technique that everyone knows. Obviously, in addition to psychological preparation, botox injection has a cost. It is therefore also necessary to prepare a budget. Let’s talk about it.

Botox injection: what are the rates charged today?

First, it is important to know that the rates applied for a botox injection depend on the area being treated. For example, some patients choose to inject botulinum toxin on a single area of their face. Others may need injection on several areas at once. This thus varies the price to be paid. It should be noted that several interventions are usually carried out at a preferential price. On the other hand, the price may change depending on the practitioner. Firms set up tariff schedules based on their own criteria. Obviously, aesthetic medicine firms generally practice a good price/quality ratio in order to stay in the competition.

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Anyway, here’s an overview of botox injection rates:

  • Forehead wrinkles lion wrinkles crow’s feet: between 350 and 500€
  • Crow’s feet alone (or another area alone): between 200 and 300€
  • Forehead wrinkles lion wrinkles (or two other zones): between 300 and 400€

Injection botox: these prices for which treatments?

To make things easier, the different treatments that can be performed around a botox injection are included in the price shown. And unlike some preconceptions, an injection of botox does not require specific follow-up as a rule. Only one session is sufficient and the practitioner’s fee is settled at that time. However, know not the botox does not take effect immediately. It takes at least a week to start seeing change. The final result is visible from 4 weeks after the injection. In addition, botox is naturally absorbed in the body. Thus, its duration of action is between 6 months and a year. The effect gradually fades beyond. The patient can renew the operation with a new botox injection knowing that wrinkles will not necessarily be as dug as before. Indeed, the botox relaxes the muscles of the face, which prevents wrinkles from scoring as much as before. The presence of botox also causes the habit of mimics that make wrinkles appear at the level of forehead, corners of the lips, etc.

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And other cosmetic medicine interventions?

You certainly know that botox injection is not the only method of aesthetic medicine that can be practiced to improve the appearance of facial skin. Other equally effective techniques can also be used. If you are interested, here is an overview of the tariffs applied for other processes:

  • Treatment of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid: from 300€
  • Treatment of volumes and loosening with hyaluronic acid: from 400€
  • Facial peeling: between 70 and 150€ depending on the method used
  • Mesotherapy of the face: around 120€
  • Mesotherapy 3 zones (face, neck, décolleté): around 180€
  • Scalp mesotherapy: just under 100€ per session

The price of a botox injection depends on the area treated and the aesthetic medicine cabinet that is contacted. In any case, you should compare several offers before deciding to take advantage of the best quality/price ratio. And remember, botox injection is not a game. It is better to do it within the limit of reasonable not to end up like those celebrities who abused dubotox.