How does an electric gate work ?

The electric gate is a practical invention that makes your life easier. So you no longer need to get off your car before opening your portal every morning on your way out or every night on your way home. Opening and closing is done automatically . It is quite comfortable to use it every day and it brings a touch of originality to your home. This type of portal has a very specific mode of operation.

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The electric gate: mode of operation

To better understand the operation of the electric gate, you should know that this type of gate can be designed with two leaves or with a single leaf . It is a motorization system that will take care of the opening or closing of each type of gate. This system will differ depending on whether it is a two-leaf gate or a single leaf gate.

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The opening and closing system of two-leaf electric gates is generally invisible. This system allows the electric gate to offer an opening up to 180°. It is found in the ve rtical amount of each leaf. Two-leaf electric gates can also be equipped with an articulated arm motorization system . This arm is installed on the leaf of each leaf.

The two-leaf electric gate can also be fitted with a cylinder system . In this case, the jacks perform a rotation in a nut that is installed at the portal.

As for the electric sliding gate, the rail motorsystem is most suitable. This is a guide rail on which the gate slides smoothly. The rail works thanks to a motor. A sliding gate can also be equipped with a freestanding motorization system. In this case, it is a rack that ensures the closing and opening of the gate without it touching the floor.

In all these cases, the opening or closing of the portal is usually carried out by remote control. The gate remote control can be equipped with a single button or multiple buttons allowing remote control of the portal.

How to choose your electric gate?

Choosing an electric gate is not always easy. Understanding the mode of operation of this type of portal does not always make it possible to make a good choice. You must then take into account some very important criteria to find the most suitable device for your needs.

The type of opening

One of the first things to consider when choosing your portal is the type of opening . Like the standard gate, the electric gate has two types of opening. We distinguish this way:

  • the electric gate with two leaves
  • and the electric sliding gate with a leaf.

The swing gate can open inside and outside ; it is very convenient if you have a fairly small discharge space. But, if you have a large discharge space, you can opt for the sliding gate.

The material

Once you have chosen the type of opening for your electric gate, it will be necessary to think about the material with which it is made. Give preference to materials that are weatherproof and easy to maintain. The ready-to-paint steel electric gate is a good choice. You can also opt for an aluminum gate.

The style of your portal

The style of your Electric gate will depend on your tastes . On the market, we usually find:

  • The right electric gate,
  • The asymmetrical electric gate,
  • The convex electric gate,
  • The gendarme cap electric gate and
  • The electric gate with inverted constable hat .

Also be sure to take into account the degree of privacy of the portal. For total privacy, it is the full portal that is best indicated. There is also the openwork or half-openwork electric gate for an average degree of intimitation.