How does a messenger chatbot work?

#029: Sebastian Riehle, the social media doctor, understands his craft. His’ patients’ who come to his counseling session not only look forward to better reach and more conversions on social media, but also about individual consultations and concepts adapted to their company. Today he talks to me about messenger bots. In the new episode, you’ll find out what that is and how you can properly use messenger bots to improve the relationship with your followers and gain additional reach!

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What is a messenger bot

A messenger bot or chatbot is, as the name suggests, an automatic response that you can set up on your social media channel. For example, if someone writes to you, the bot can kindly greet the writer and tell them that you will get back to them soon. But we only scratch the surface with it, because messenger bots can do a lot more than that! You can create complete news episodes, train the chatbot to specific keywords and use it for support, use it as a newsletter or even have your products advertised in connection with elofage!

Basically, these are all things we already know from email marketing, but messenger bots offer you additional opportunities: By working in users’ tools and they constantly have them with them, such as Facebook or Whats app, their messages end up directly on your target audience’s mobile phone — optionally even as a push message! More and more users are accessing social networks on the go, and with messenger bots, you are right at the customer’s side and get faster and more real feedback. While email open rates are just under 25%, your Facebook messenger messages can reach 80% and correspondingly higher click rates of 30%!

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But beware, even though it’s tempting to flood customers with product offerings, what applies in every sales funnel applies here too: the dose makes the poison. It is our responsibility as marketers to use marketing methods sensibly and not to break the market ourselves. With all marketing methods, we should always keep in mind that our messages should help the subscriber!

The right strategy for your messenger bot

Don’t transfer your email marketing strategies 1:1 to your messenger bot. Be aware that you’re playing on a completely different marketing channel here with social media that also needs to be filled with your own and appropriate content. You can talk to your subscribers even more directly via a messenger. This changes your address and user reactions too. While emails are often archived and maybe reviewed later , you are in closer contact with the messenger and often get a direct reaction. Your list is likely to be smaller, but more honest and active. And an active list of prospects is what will bring you the most in the end.

You can use Manychat to build your bot, but there are other good tools that are suitable for it as well. It’s best to check out Sebastian’s course to learn how to handle messenger bots properly from the ground up.

What do you learn in this episode

  • What benefits can chatbots have
  • What is the difference from email marketing
  • What you need to get started
  • What tools you can use
  • How to set up your first messenger bot
  • What you should definitely pay attention to

Links to this episode

  • The Social Media Doctor website with many tips from Sebastian Riehle
  • The free Facebook group “Messenger Bots with ManyChat”
  • The tool to build messenger bots: Many chat
  • Sebastian’s messenger marketing success course to learn how it works in practice.

Create your own chatbot — the tutorial!

With Sebastian’s Messenger Marketing Success Course, you’ll learn everything you need to start successfully with a chatbot. If you’d like to get an insight into how to create a chatbot with Manychat and even link your elofage payment page with it, then check out our free online course “Digital Marketing”! There, along with many other marketing tips, we have now unlocked a new lesson on messenger bots with a step-by-step video with Sebastian. Check it out!

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