How do you use a chatbot?

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Chatbots start at this point. Chatbots are small scripts that can conduct text-based dialogs with a user. This means that none of your employees have to chat, but can leave it to a chatbot — at least for simpler enquiries.

Chatbots are integrated directly into the messenger — many providers such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram already offer suitable interfaces here.

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On the technical side, a chatbot can currently imagine an if-then principle. You send a message to a bot which is then processed by it. The Processing takes place according to the if-then principle. This means: You define which answers your chatbot should give to which question. An example of this principle: When a user writes “show me oranges,” then show them a selection of oranges from my website.

Processing is only possible if your bot takes into account other aspects such as understanding synonyms — a person is looking for “orange”, the bot only knows “orange”.

Setting up such chatbots with processing aspects is no longer difficult. Finished libraries for synonyms and logical links catch many errors, common tools for dragging and dropping chatbots include chat fuel, pandorabots or smooth.

Chatbots for companies

The application possibilities are almost unlimited. For example, you could offer your users a subscription to your blog via chatbot. Or you can answer questions about Orders such as “Has my shipment already shipped?” But chatbots are also a good choice as a sales assistant with suggestions of products or as a restaurant reservation bot — “book me a table on Friday at 7:00”.

So go straight away and create your first chatbot!

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