How do you create a WhatsApp chatbot?

Messenger marketing always gains fans when it’s connected to an automated communication wizard. Don’t worry, implementing a chatbot isn’t complicated as it seems at first glance. There are many providers who insert the WhatsApp chatbot without coding knowledge.

Using WhatsApp important for your business

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What is a WhatsApp chatbot?

The word “chatbot” is made up of chat and robot. This means an online dialogue system that can work in real time and processes requests on a text basis. Some of the bots already work with speech recognition. Chatbots are now one of the intelligent and personal assistants that more and more users are using, especially via smartphones. There are various options for you to choose from, such as playful pastime, amusement, answering questions, programmed routines, internet research or artificial intelligence. In any case, it’s all about binding the customer to the online shop or the company and automatically establishing a connection with them.

The WhatsApp chatbot is a communication wizard. Using differently defined rules and artificial intelligence, it is now possible to automate and connect with customers and prospects via WhatsApp. This can lead to an improvement in customer service as well as enforcement of certain marketing purposes.

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WhatsApp Business App has been on WhatsApp since 2018, and this new service allows companies to chat with their customers via WhatsApp. If you want to communicate with a customer, you have to write to them. Most people lack the time for that. It is also not recommended to send offers and messages indiscriminately via WhatsApp. It is not another advertising platform. It is primarily used for communication purposes. With the release of the apps, many third-party providers have included WhatsApp in their chat bots portfolio. Few customers get the complete API. The implementation of the business assistant requires the appropriate software solution to set up the WhatsApp chat bot.

WhatsApp Chatbots

Chatbots know a wide range of applications. They are used wherever it comes to communicating with people. Many companies now use the chatbots for their websites and online shops, for support or instant messaging systems. This makes it possible to answer all incoming customer inquiries within a very short time, to welcome new visits to the online shop and to make contact for the first time. This way, you can accept simple requests without being personally active become. If necessary, the real customer advisor is on hand and scores with individual advice that they use effectively and with minimal personnel effort from now on.

Step 1: What should the WhatsApp chatbot be able to do?

Before you start setting up the WhatsApp chat bot, you should look at your own goals in detail. Specific goals are crucial for a particular tool that you use later. It makes a difference which of the products you choose afterwards. The WhatsApp bot is less complex compared to the Facebook Manager messenger bot. It is even more important to determine the right strategies in advance.

With the WhatsApp bot, you can automate communication with customers. You can handle complete customer service, send offers or pass reminders to the customer. You may also be accompanying the customer during shopping. In any case, the WhatsApp bot will significantly minimize your time, so that you invest in intensive and personal customer communication without overburdening your personnel capacities. Surveys have shown that customers have no problems clarifying standardized processes with a computer program. You only need a personal contact person for individual questions.

Step 2: Your own business profile

If you want to look professional, you need a business profile on WhatsApp. To do this, download the WhatsApp Business app. When registering, you can choose a company type in the categories. If all contact details are entered correctly, the verification of the account continues. This is how you can confirm your WhatsApp profile.

The Company tool menu bar is available for individual settings. There is pre-made messages, such as an out of office notification, greeting or quick response. While these options don’t meet the complex needs of a chatbot yet, they can support messenger communication. Smaller companies in particular are looking for efficient and uncomplicated solutions here.

Step 3: Access WhatsApp Business API

If you would like to use the WhatsApp chat bot and messenger professionally later, you need a WhatsApp Business API for this. Apply for access directly via WhatsApp or use an external provider to do so. External vendors often make this step much easier. Because there is only an API from WhatsApp for very few customers at the moment. Once you have successfully applied for the API, you can bind a business profile to a phone number and start using the messenger.

Step 4: WhatsApp chatbot

programming It’s easier to set up the WhatsApp chatbot with an external provider. Only when WhatsApp itself grants you an API can you do the programming yourself. There are various software solutions for the language assistants that do not require any programming knowledge. For example, simple and quick set-up is possible with:

  • snatchBot
  • MessengerPeople
  • Botsociety
  • IOX
  • Infobip

Step 5: Define keywords and user questions

We are finally starting with specific programming, in which it is possible for the chatbot to directly influence the reaction behavior via WhatsApp. Programming is of course always connected to the tool you use. There are various possibilities. As a first step, we create a welcome message. In this message, the bot introduces itself and introduces a First question, such as “Hello, nice you’re here, how can I help you?” The customer should definitely be encouraged to make a kind of reaction and communication.

Inquiries are organized into categories in intents. In this area, you define commands and keywords that follow them. This is the only way the chatbot really recognizes which category a question belongs to and which answer it presents. In this area, you can specify which questions the chatbot can and cannot respond to.

Don’t leave the opportunity unused and use emojis in the lyrics. They loosen up the flow of conversation and give the whole thing an approachable effect. Use links, videos, and images. In this way, it is possible to accompany the customer as closely as possible during the purchase. In the technical language, we talk about guided buying. At best, there is a link at the end of the consultation that provides the perfect product delivers.

It may happen regularly that the jackpot doesn’t know any further. The customer should then be offered the opportunity to contact an employee in a straightforward and direct manner. When in doubt, the hybrid bot forwards the customer to a service employee made of meat and blood. It automatically detects when the system is no longer able to answer the question. There is another alternative way in which the bot clarifies standard questions and then passes them on to employees.

Step 6: Make the bot known

You’re done preparing and you can now link the chatbot to WhatsApp. Only then can the entrepreneur be reached by the customer. There are a few platforms that you can use to automatically integrate the chatbot into other channels and the website to make it more popular.

There are companies that make special efforts and have their own identity for their chatbot create. It’s talking about botsanality. Tests and surveys have shown that they significantly increase your attention and make the service more popular on social platforms and on your own website. Give your chatbot a name and look, a character. Of course, every customer knows that they have to do with an automated tool, yet they feel more approached by such a chatbot.

Step 7: The chatbot test

You’re not done yet, you need to test the chatbot extensively now. Use the WhatsApp app or a web application to do this. Take the customer’s perspective and ask typical questions. In any case, you should test the chat regularly to constantly uncover vulnerabilities and continuously improve this service. At this point, it should be clear that optimisation in customer service has never been assumed at an end. Keep in touch with customers and find out what the requirements of prospects and customer clientele are.


In recent months and years, chat boards have been very popular in customer support for many companies. With a professional WhatsApp business profile and a perfect software solution, you can easily automate your service. You don’t have to do anything but set the appropriate commands and rules. Then you can be sure that the chatbot has the right answers ready.

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