How do you create a chatbot?

Customer service means a lot of work. 80% of customer inquiries keep returning (FAQs). The remaining 20% is complex and must be assigned to the right agent via pre-qualification. How can you handle this challenge so that your customer service is successful and efficient? With our free chatbot builder, you can quickly create effective chatbots or virtual assistants that make your customer service more efficient and without any programming knowledge.

When it comes to chatbots, most people immediately think of artificial intelligence, which is all about automating dialogue. The fewest chatbots that are implemented today on messengers such as WhatsApp, Instagram Messages, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Notify, etc., have artificial intelligence.

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Two reasons artificial intelligence has little to do with chatbots

  1. AI-powered Creating chatbots or virtual assistants are time-consuming and costly. Few companies are able to raise the necessary resources for this.
  2. In most use cases, no artificial intelligence is required at all, but rather a clear concept with a defined goal of what the chatbot should be able to do, which questions it gives which answers to and remembers which questions it couldn’t answer (which means that you immediately know which further dialogue- options still need to be integrated in the future).

Simple messenger chatbots that are to be used in customer communication must be able to answer recurring questions and forward them to the right service employee for more complex or individual questions. How you can create a chatbot with the chatbot builder and that without much effort, we’ll explain in this post.

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In this post, you can learn:

  1. What is the chatbot builder?
  2. Create customer service chatbot: in no time with the chatbot builder
  3. Best practice chatbots for customer service in first level support

1. What is the chatbot builder?

The chatbot builder is a central feature of our Messenger Communication Platform and is free for our customers. With the chatbot builder, you can create simple and efficient chatbots or build virtual assistants for your customer communication via messenger without having to have any previous knowledge of programming .

The screenshot shows an excerpt of the user interface of the chatbot builder, on which an automated dialog for an FAQ chatbot for messengerPeople is currently being developed.

The chatbot builder offers you at the chatbot create the following ways to optimize your customer service:

  • Automation of dialogs: Dialogue is at the heart of the chatbot. This establishes the connection between user questions and the corresponding answers from the chatbot. Example: who are you? — I’m the smart bot!
  • Predefined topics: Topics give the bot context. This allows the bot to give different answers to the same question depending on the topic. Example: topic FAQs vs. topic Products
  • Variables: With the help of variables, your chatbot can query previously defined data from its interlocutor. This data can then be used further for personalization or targeting. Example: name, age, place of residence, risk-taking…
  • Data model integration: Data models are tables with additional data that the bot can access during the dialog. Example: product catalog, opening hours, quiz questions…
  • Analysis: It’s important that you regularly analyze the performance and development of your messenger bot and use the insights to optimize the bot. Example: what are the most common unanswered questions or what are the questions that the bot answers most…

Create customer service chatbot: in no time with the chatbot builder

This demo video tells you how to create a simple but efficient chatbot in no time with the free chatbot builder from one of our chatbot experts.

Did we make you curious? Try Messenger Communication Platform for 14 days free and without obligation 3. Best practice chatbots for customer service in first level support

With the chatbot builder, some of the Created chatbots or built virtual assistants. We will introduce you below chatbots (demos) for first-level support on different messengers that our Messenger Communication Platform supports as a unified messenger solution.

1) Women’s Best Service chatbot

Added value for the company: In first level support, the service chatbot prequalifies the customer request and first queries important data of the customer, such as the country, name or e-mail address. He then hands over the customer to a human service employee.

Tip: Download our exclusive case study now: How Women’s Best offers its customers twice as fast service with WhatsApp

2) Support chatbot from MessengerPeople

Added value for the company: Our chatbot optimally complements our support by pre-qualifying the customer and following the status of the customer (test customer or regular customer) as well as the customer number. If the user enters the news hashtag, they always receive our latest information on messenger statistics, best practice examples of our customers or technical developments.

This example of pull rather than push communication is underlined with a reference to our Notify app, which reminds you when companies and organizations you follow have new content ready for you to retrieve.

By the way, our support messenger bot can be reached via various messengers (unified messaging solution), currently Facebook Messenger, Notify, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Tip: Want to learn more about the Notify app, which is currently at the top of the app charts for news on iOS and Android? Then we recommend our article Overview: Everything you need to know about the Notify app.

3) Service chatbot for


Added value for the company: The chatbot offers insurance companies the opportunity to pre-qualify customer inquiries accordingly in first-level support. In the event of a claim report, the chatbot asks the customer the following data: customer number, age, date of the accident and description (with image if applicable) of the accident. The data is then transferred to a human colleague who contacts the customer.

Tip: Download our exclusive case study now: Klaus assured: closer to the customer thanks to service via WhatsApp

4) Service chatbot for HR and human resources management

Added value for the company: In first level support, the chatbot prequalifies the customer request and first queries the name of the customer before giving them options to classify their own customer enquiries and, if necessary, documents or make an appointment in person.

5) Service chatbot for energy companies (public utilities)

Added value for the company: The chatbot offers energy providers (here Stadtwerke) the option that customers can transmit their meter reading digitally. To do this, he requests the customer number, the counter number and the meter reading. For the company, the effort is more resource-saving than the previous query, for example via postcard. You can find out more in our industry article How the energy industry effectively communicates with customers via messenger.

Tip: Download our exclusive case study now: Resin Energy — Higher customer satisfaction & lower costs with WhatsApp Service

🤖 How chatbots can effectively support your customer service can be found in our editorial How chatbots help in customer service.

Create WhatsApp chatbot & use it professionally! With MessengerPeople’s “Messenger Communications Platform”!

With our software solution “Messenger Communication Platform”, you can…

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