How do I make invitation tickets?

Your marriage is without hesitation one of the most important events of your life. It is a unique day, where you share your happiness and emotions with your loved ones. Your share must therefore be as special as your union. Here in 5 steps how to create an original wedding invitation card worthy of the name!

1. Choosing your wedding invitation template

You will find on Photoweb many wedding sharing templates, on which you can add your favorite photos and texts. Whether you are rural, retro, classic, chic or any other style or universe, you can create your wedding invitation to your image on our creative software. This is the starting point.

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Do you consider yourself a savvy creative? Or as someone who just likes to face the challenges? If you do not choose a predesigned model, you can embark on creating a 100% personalized wedding invitation. By this means starting from scratch, via a totally blank share. Are you tempted by the idea?

2. Wedding invitation: the choice of format

Whether you have chosen to go on a pre-designed or blank template, then you will need to choose the format of your invitation card. In order for your wedding to be original, we recommend two very specific formats:

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  • The square format “open”: 4 sides to share your happiness with all your guests! This format is ideal for rather long content, whether it’s a lot of text or photos.
  • The “elongated” format in portrait orientation: the latter is thinner and longer than a “postcard” format. We meet him less often, so it makes a sensation!

3. Select only the most beautiful images of Torque

From this stage, you will discover our creative software, a 100% online platform that will allow you to add all your photos and personalize your wedding invitation.

First, decide how many photos to upload and their location. Then import your favorite images, those that in your eyes best represent your love. Because yes, a wedding invitation conveys emotions and feelings, and often just through a photo.

Our tips for high quality rendering: give preference to crisp, well-framed and well-exposed photos. In addition, we recommend using high resolution photos (number of important pixels) for optimal quality.

4. Wedding Invitation: Customize Infinity

Here you have come to the most fun step: customization. So it’s up to you to add all the little artifices you judge Necessary, so that your invitation card is not just a vulgar to make a classic wedding. Originality is acquired now!

It is also at this time that you will add your wedding invitation text and reveal to your guests the official date of your solemn union…

5. Finalize your wedding invitation

Is your personalized wedding share over? Preview, choose your options (with or without envelope) and order! It is good to know that envelopes are offered to you…