How do I find a plot for a Tiny House?

A real boost in your land search for your Tiny House.

You are conquered, you dream every night of home plans and future developments of your ecological home! The only black dot on the board, which honestly puts the ball on your stomach: where am I going to install my Tiny House?

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As the Tiny House Collective expresses so well in its article Five Ways to Find a Land for its Tiny House, life in a mini wood frame house is easy!

To one detail: THE TERRAIN. So much to say the Holy Grail!

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We would like to make it clear that in this article we are not going to mention the legislation concerning where, when, how and how long can park a Tiny House. If you are wondering about this, we invite you more to visit the comprehensive Legislation section of the TinyHouseFrance website.

Do you know? perhaps already, with my companion, we found ourselves in a tricky situation, a week after moving into our mobile home.

We thought we had a lasting solution in a year-round campsite , located in Auray, Morbihan. A plot of 200m² that we had booked several months in advance while we were already waiting for our little boy.

We have repeatedly asked the owners of the campsite to send us a lease or contract. They told us that it was administrative, that everything had already been seen, that they would come to provide it to us when we arrived.

We were surprised to settle down without a lease, a counter supplied on a go and little extra information.

A few days after moving in, we revived the owners. They assured us to communicate the papers to us in the week. It was initially planned to pay 250 euros per month excluding charges .

During his next visit, the manager of the campsite asked us for the price of our small wooden house, we announced 66000 euros. It was at that moment that he announced that we owe him 6600 euros of entrance commission, or 10% of the price of our Tiny House .

This charge has never been mentioned before, we have fallen naked. We explained to him that it was not agreed and that it was out of the question of paying him that amount, still representing two years of rent .

It was at that time that we learned that nearly 10 out of 30 year-round residents were on trial against the campsite. We realized that we needed to find a new ground for our Tiny House very quickly .

In a month we found a corner of paradise where great people, generous and shared values welcomed us. However, you can imagine it well, the outcome is happy, but the quest was not of any rest!

We deliver all the actions we have put in place to help you find a ground for your alternative habitat: Tiny House, yurt, dome, hut, or trailer !

Search for land for Tiny House on the Internet.

If your network of friends or family does not have land to lend you to set up your micro-home, you may find the solution by sharing as many of your needs as many as possible. For this, the web can greatly help you! However, your application can have an incredible virality like simply falling quickly to forget.

Indeed, the astronomical amount of post and ad posted each day will ask you a little energy and originality to be noticed in the eyes of the greatest number.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to offer you a clown costume or hold a tap contest on the roof of your mini-house. Simply, your ad needs to be worked and argued to gain visibility .

How to write an effective ad?

Of course, we know that you are a nice person, a good cook, a great gardener, a lover of good wines or a great fanfaron.

However, the owner of your future land does not know all your good sides, he simply does not know you at all. This generous person must want to meet you, trust you and take the risk of welcoming you to her home, on his ground.

So, if you want to have a positive impact on the Internet users who will read your advertisement on different websites. It is essential to introduce yourself, explain your approach and/or project.

To do this, you can draw inspiration from the following tracks:

  • What is your family, professional or associative situation?
  • What is your personality: sociable, discreet…?
  • What is your little that could convince someone to welcome you?
  • Is this your main residence, secondary residence or unusual rental habitat?
  • Why did you choose to live in light habitat?
  • What is your minimalist, ecological, eco-responsible or other approach?
  • Are you rather sedentary or nomadic?
  • How long have you been carrying out this project? Have you self-built or have your unusual habitat built? What are your motivations?
  • What type of land and on which area are you looking for? Have you a self-contained house (wood stove, solar panels)? What are your needs (water, electricity, building permits, prior work request…)?
  • What budget or services can you provide in return for your welcome?

People with land may not be familiar with the Tiny House movement. Feel free to briefly explain the concept , as well as add one or more photos.

Remember to invite your readers to share your ad to enjoy the virality of social media. You will multiply your chances of being seen and finding shoe at your foot.

Where and how do I post my ad on the internet?

The construction or self-construction of your Tiny House is coming to an end and you still don’t find a place to live there. Don’t panic! First of all, you need to define a sector geographic location on which you want to settle.

Once this area is well defined, it is essential for you to reach an audience in that region when searching.

For this, we invite you to embark on a small investigation. It consists in finding local Facebook groups of different themes:

  • tiny house,
  • light habitat,
  • minimalist,
  • zero waste,
  • environmentally friendly,
  • biological,
  • do it yourself,
  • permaculture,
  • barter — donations — sales from your department and/or regions.

The Tiny House is a habitat halfway between minimalist and eco-responsibility . On these groups of Internet users, you will meet people with common interests.

Their knowledge and/or attractions for the Tiny House will be more important than just sharing on your Facebook wall. Even if they don’t have land available, they will be likely to share your post as they support the Tiny House movement.

We still advise you to post your post on your own Facebook wall as well, as nothing better than word of mouth . You are not immune that your kindergarten friend’s great aunt is looking for someone to maintain her 6-hectare garden.

Where can I find offers of land for rent?

Facebook’s marketplace and Leboncoin are packed with great ads of all kinds, including land for sale or rent. Set up an alert “rental land”, “recreational land” or “land for rent” .

On Leboncoin, you can place an ad in the “Application” section. That’s how we have found our location. Finally, it is rather Jules and Lucile, the charming couple who welcomes us who spotted us!

Facebook and Leboncoin are not the only platforms that can be useful in your location search for your mini-home. There are others, however, you may not have thought about it because they reverse the trend.

Indeed, rather than making a request, you will have the opportunity to respond to a field offer . Thanks to the following sites, you will discover land owners who make available their fields, gardens or woods for rent or service.

The site has a part Announcements in which you will find Tiny for sale but also land available. and, these sites are initially intended to connect individuals, owners of a terrain and seasonal campers. However, you will probably make happy when you tell them that you want to rent a location year-round.

Pour your garden and plant home and are platforms where researchers and holders of gardens, green spaces and greenery meet to serve each other.

The “I lend a piece of home” map is just amazing, generous people welcome campers or light habitats for a few days or months on their grounds.

Would you like to train goat milking in the Gers? Help with the renovation of a ruined farmhouse in the Vosges? Participate in the harvest of honey in the Drôme? Or picking apples in Calvados?

  • WWOOF, exclusively dedicated to organic farms. To contact the hosts, it will cost you a membership of €25 per year for one person or 30€ for two.
  • Workaway, much more generalist. You will find eco-volunteering, but also volunteering in hostels, cafes, or Ayurvedic centers. The annual membership is 23 euros for a single person or 30 euros for two.
  • HelpX, cousin of Workaway. The site may be the least readable, but also the cheapest of the three: 20 euros, whether you are alone or two looking for, for a period of two years.

Complementary steps to find a land to install a Tiny House.

If you have already toured all of the above sites and lose hope. It is high time to roll up your sleeves, take his notebook under the arm and the conqueror’s smile .

We still have a few actions to offer before we sink into depression and despair! Do not lose sight of that a land waiting for you somewhere to live your beautiful adventure . The whole thing is to get to him! The good news, your house has wheels!

Discover ecological associations and ecoplaces near you.

Your eco-responsible project may be appreciated and carried by local ecological actors . They will be able to help you through their networks and help you benefit from the audience of their community on social networks.

It is also a great opportunity to meet and offer a few hours of your time to participate in the development of a better world .

The Hummingbird Movement website is an incredible resource to find information about local actors engaged in the Transition. You will find a very complete playful and interactive map named near us.

The ecoplaces or ecovillages are thriving places that are fully aligned with a light habitat lifestyle. If you have one close to your home, get on your bicycle and go to meet them! If there is no room for you, there will probably be good deals and places to find!

To discover the ecoplaces near your city , you can count on the sites:

  • ecovillage global with their ads all over France,
  • Ecolieux de France that makes an inventory according to the departments.

Live in a year-round campsite or an unusual place of accommodation.

Living in a campsite all year round, we had a short experience aside from the owner bad times, it was pretty nice! A small-scale village where everyone knows and meets every day to a cuckoo or a coffee. It’s a human experience, much like living in a small community .

Well, the disadvantage is still proximity to other residents. Our Tiny House with thirteen windows was a bit the impossible mission for neighbors to not see an outdated piece of skin when it was time to go to bed or out of the shower.

However, camping or an unusual home rental location can be a great solution to help troubleshoot, for safety or people who do not want to be isolated. Imagine yourself surrounded by tree hut, bubble house, hut, hobbit house or straw. Your movable miniature home will take place in a living place that is both atypical, eco-friendly and cozy.

However, recreational parks open continuously, that is, year-round, are not common. They also happen that they do not wish to receive Tiny House because they demand that the purchase of the home, often mobile homes, be done by themselves in order to have a homogeneous landscape.

We have told you about the entrance commissions previously, they are entitled to demand it. However, it is mandatory to inform the tenant before its installation. It is also good to learn about:

  • the price of water and electricity,
  • visitor taxes when your family or friends visit you
  • the price during the different seasons.

Ah yes, a little precision on compost and dry toilets… If you have a small plot on the campground, consider placing your Tiny House so that it is furthest away from your compost.

Meet the producers in your region.

Farmers, oyster farmers, farmers, cheeses, winemakers or beekeepers are your friends! Indeed, they have large spaces, and are likely to need a hand from time to time or perhaps simply want a neighbor of good company.

In addition, there are already several sites to contact producers who are open to receive the visit at home: Welcome to the Farm and Home Peasant.

You can also go directly to meet them on the market days of the sector you want to settle in, via an AMAP or even through the My Producer website.

Remember that part of the French population does not use the internet , they are still attached to the papers so to touch them, you have two solutions:

  • contact the local press to get an article about your project in the newspaper
  • print or write your request on paperregional with your number in a detachable strip and go around the local shops.

Join us on our Facebook page to follow our family life adventures in Tiny House.

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