How do I edit a Word file?

Here is a very interesting new feature built into Google Drive. Editing Office file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) directly from its document storage and management space.

This highly anticipated feature now makes it possible to efficiently manage Microsoft Office files with equivalent Google tools.

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Simplify Office Document Management with G Suite

The ability to edit Office documents makes it easy to open and edit Microsoft Office files shared by partners, vendors, or other teams.

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This feature makes collaboration easier when some people use Office while others use equivalent apps at Google.

How do I edit an Office file on the Drive?

Editing an Office file (e.g. Word) is very easy to use if you mainly use G Suite applications.

The most convenient here is to import the Office file into its Google Drive storage space :

Then simply open it with a double-clickImporting a Word document from your computer :

Opening and editing a Word file with Docs Following this, you can then edit the Word document as a Google Docs.

Use Google’s collaboration features

Thanks to this improvement, it is then possible to use Google’s collaboration features (comments, simultaneous work,…) on office files.

Editing a Word file with Google Docs. This ensures a more seamless collaboration and avoids taking into account or converting different file types.

To conclude…

With this feature, Google Drive makes it possible to manage different types of documents even more efficiently. Thanks to this improvement, Google allows us to further improve collaboration with others.

🙂 Wear well and see you soon!