How do I contact Google ?

How do I contact Google? How to call Google?

How do I reach Google?

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Contacting Google has long been the true path of the fighter… As soon as you need to understand why you have a problem in a Google My Business knowledge chart, to dispute a fallacious Google review, even to have a Google review deleted, it’s still complicated…

Optimize 360 gives you here for France tips and tricks to try to join Google customer service, legal department, sales department.

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You already know that Google France’s head office is located in Paris, 8 rue de Londres , and that there is a telephone number indicated:

If you are not looking for hours… on Google to try to find the right service, you can already try to guide yourself on the right service by phone.

To get a more complete answer to your question, find a Google email address, write to Google if you have encountered a problem, delete the results from your Google account, ask for the removal of a review, contact the appropriate Google services team, here are some tips.

How do I contact Google Support? “Contact us Google” (via forms by categories)

Please note that an online link exists so that you can categorize your request and be clearly oriented to the right online service:

In this online help, you will be able to choose the “category of worries” you have following the tools they put at your disposal:

    • Support Gmail
    • Adwords Support
    • Adsense Support
    • Youtube Support
    • Foot Picassa
    • Blogger Support
    • Diary Holder
    • Google Support
    • Suite Support for Google Groups
    • Google Sites Support
    • Help with Pishing Gmail
    • Help with Pishing Adwords
    • Pishing Google Payments
    • Google Pishing Portfolio
    • Report Google Maps Errors
    • Report a Google Maps Privacy Issue

How to contact Google Ads? How do I contact Google Adwords? How do I contact Google My Business?

It is important to know that Google Adwords is now called Google Ads, and that only the leading insiders and professionals in the field of SEA have noticed this.

For these services, you should ideally have a Google Ads or Google My Business account

From Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00, you can call:

0805 540 905

Don’t forget to have your Google Ads account number and your credentials, which will be requested

Contact Google to report an attempted fraud, make a request for right to be forgotten

For these cases, in most cases, you will have to go through online requests, with some requests to download proof of properties

Deleting content in Google

  • Delete content from Google (photo, video, page, site or information that is offensive, illegal, inaccurate or defamatory)
  • Removing obsolete pages so that they are no longer visible in SERP results (NB: on your site only, and you must be in possession of the URL property)
  • Delete a credit card number or bank details that appear in Google search results
  • Delete your social security number or your Google results identification number
  • Deleting a signature would appear in Google

Right to be forgotten

Google Deletion under European Privacy Law

There is a dedicated form for this:

How do I send an email to Google?

If you want to write to Google, you can also try to do so with the appropriate emails below

Email support is available to subscribers and users of Google Suite (formerly Google Apps)

Write them for security questions:

Contact Google by email for press service: (Press Relations France)

To contact Google’s accounting department

How do I delete or dispute a Google review?

Optimize 360 produced a full article on the subject.

We therefore invite you to consult it here:

How do I delete a Google review?

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our teams who will be happy to contact you.

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