How can I create a chatbot for free?

Surely one or the other of you had to do with a chatbot before and maybe thought, “Hey, I could use that on my website too! “But you don’t know how to do this and programming isn’t your thing at all? Then I have five free tools here that you can use to quickly and easily create a chatbot for your business.

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“Hello, this is Robbie speaking” — you can easily get to your own chatbot with these tools. Let’s get started then. When I made my selection, I made sure that the tools cover different applications. So there should be a suitable program for each of you 😉


SnatchBot can be used on platforms such as Skype, Viber, or the web. According to the modular principle, you can choose a prefabricated bot here and adapt it to your needs or edit it. At SnatchBot there is a paid pro version. This removes the SnatchBot logo from the chatbot and gives you premium support. The price for the pro version starts at $30 a month and you have 10,000 chat requests free. If there are more requests, the monthly costs increase coupled with the number of requests.

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MobileMonkey is a chatbot that specializes in Facebook Messenger. Depending on your setting, you can let your chatbot have an automated dialogue with your customer. You can also intervene in the conversation yourself at any time and take the reins in your hands 😉 The paid version of MobileMonkey costs $49 per month and offers additional analysis features and the ability to transfer data from MobileMonkey to other systems such as PayPal. is a chatbot for your website. With this tool, you can easily Query data from your customers around the clock. For example, the chatbot could replace the classic contact form. The chatbot asks the customer for their email address or phone number. This gradually collects information about the customer, which a service representative can use, for example, when they call the customer back. The basic version of is free. The lite version costs $19 a month, the standard version $39, and the plus version $69. With paid versions, you can unlock additional chat requests as the free chatbot only allows 30 requests per month. You can also save chat history longer and combine the bot with Google Analytics.

Flow XO

With Flow XO, you can easily put together a chatbot based on the drag and drop principle. Programming skills are therefore not required. Just choose a platform you want the bot to run on, and get started. It is interesting that Flow XO also works via SMS. This may not be quite up to date anymore, but it’s good for automating an SMS sweepstakes, for example. In the free version, you can use five bots and serve 500 requests a month. The paid version already offers 5,000 requests and 15 bots for $19 a month.


ManyChat is a bot for Facebook Messenger. It’s particularly suitable for marketing purposes, as the bot automatically posts all your followers on Facebook when you post a new post, or you have news for your followers. You can easily set up and use your bot in just two minutes. You will also be automatically alerted when the bot gets stuck in conversation with the customer and a real employee is required. ManyChat also offers a paid version in addition to the free version. This offers additional coding tools for the chatbot, removes ManyChat’s logo from the chatbot and offers an unlimited number of automatic messages that your chatbot uses to address your followers via Facebook. The costs are based on the number of followers you have. 500 followers cost $10 a month.

Benefits of a chatbot

Many online portals use chatbots these days. But why is that the case? Well, the big advantage of chatbots is that they can automatically establish initial contact with users and answer simple questions independently. Users will then not find themselves in endless queues, but receive direct feedback on their concerns. Depending on how smart a chatbot is, it can also handle bookings or orders completely independently. This saves resources. You need fewer employees in the service area and the bot can work 24/7.

Create chatbot: you should pay attention to

Even though the Chatbot solutions offer great applications, so unfortunately they also hold one or the other stumbling block. When using a chatbot from external providers, data is always flowing to the provider of the tool. However, as a data collection, you are obliged to conclude a data processing agreement (AVV for short) with the external service provider when outsourcing data. Because even if the data is processed elsewhere, you are responsible for data protection and can be used for liability in the event of a breach.

Not every chat program provider from the US can ensure compliance with EU GDPR rules. Some are already overwhelmed with the question of an AVV. To play it safe, you should always consult your data protection officer before you get a chatbot in the house.

Once you’ve mastered this hurdle, remember that a chatbot is only as smart as its creator 😉 Everything has actually been said with this simple sentence. Depending on what needs you have, your chatbot can take on simple or more complex tasks. At the beginning, be sure to consider which target group you want to target and how you want to address them. Ask yourself how your customers tick. How do they use the bot, what questions will they ask and what goal do they want to achieve on your site? Gradually, you can train your bot and feed them with ever-new features and interactions. As for us humans, a chatbot also applies: it never stops learning!


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